Time Sheet

With the Banana Accounting Plus time sheet you organize your working hours quickly and systematically.
Ideal for the employee and the company and for management the hours of a given project.
The Hours / Time sheet, included in the FREE plan of Banana Accounting Plus, is entirely free of charge.

Practical and fast

  • Innovative functions for quick data entry
  • Real-time calculations of working hours, holidays and absences
  • Automatic daily, weekly, monthly and yearly balances
  • Clear and accurate reports ready for printing

Start instantly with one of our templates

It doesn't matter if you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, if you work full-time or part-time, you can manage your working hours however you want.

Download Banana Accounting Plus and open one of the templates that matches your requirements:

Enter your working hours and you are ready to go!

Customize your working hours

Banana Accounting Plus allows you to plan your working hours for the entire year.

You must enter your working days in the basic properties, define the free days of the week and the holidays. The program automatically projects all the days of the week in the Journal table as you have planned them for the whole year.

You can enter fixed hours and flexible hours and change the initial settings without any complications.


Efficiency and precision

The Banana Accounting Plus Time Sheet meets the needs of both the employee and the employer.

The employee records working hours, holidays, overtime, travel expenses or sick leave. Clear and precise monthly reports are made available to the employer, allowing for preparation of payrolls in real time and at the as well as constantly monitoring the situation of each employee.

Notes can be entered to describe the work performed, the project or the location concerned.

Reports compliant with legal requirements

In order to protect their employees, companies are required by law to establish a daily working time tracking system, complete with absences and holidays.

The Banana Accounting Plus Time Sheet allows data collection that meets the legal requirements, in line with those of the European Court.

The monthly reports are complete and detailed and show the exact total number of hours worked, those to be recovered or recovered, holidays taken and to be used, overtime and sick leave, with the utmost transparency and precision.