Double-entry accounting

With Banana Accounting Plus you can manage your double-entry accounting files in a secure and professional way while keeping a 360º control over your activity.

Automate your accounting management

  • Fast data processing, importing and exporting
  • Balance sheet and income statement, account card details
  • Customer and supplier management, Cost and Profit centers, Segments
  • Automated VAT Reports - get your Xml file and forward it online

Maximum flexibility for every need

Banana Accounting Plus is flexible to meet your needs.

It simplifies your work by helping you setting up your chart of accounts. You will find many templates already set up for each activity, country and language: choose one, and customize it according to your needs.

The rest is taken care of! You can start entering your transactions.




Speedy and accurate bookkeeping

 You can freely mode between tables, copy, paste and view all data:

  • text auto-fill based on previously entered transactions
  • automatically reload memorized recurring transactions
  • highlight with colors transactions that need to be checked or corrected
  • get error alerts and correct them anytime
  • link each entry to a digital document

Blockchain guaranteed security

Security is critical. That’s why Banana Accounting Plus equips you with blockchain to prevent unauthorized editing.

In 2002 Banana Accounting was the first accounting software to introduce what was later called blockchain technology, and it is now adopted by Bitcoin.

Manage special projects, business sectors or tasks

If you seek advanced details for specific costs and revenues, use the Cost / Profit Centers and Segments. You will instantly know the progress status of a certain sector or project at any time. Need detailed prints? One click and they are done!

The detailed analysis of costs and revenues allows you to better identify the costs and profitability of your project, sector or other activity.

Professional results with one click

With everything so neatly organized, balance sheets and income statements only need a moment to get generated, at any time of the year. Comparison reports with previous intervals are also at hand.

Customize the logo on all statements or choose different colors for columns or amounts. Print, save the settings and done! Next time there’s no need to start all over. PDF-friendly. Quality data export to Excel, Html, Txt. Powerful, intuitive bookkeeping at its best.

Secure the future of your company

To succeed in business, you need to be forward-looking and plan for the future.

With Banana Accounting you can easily create a budget, which will allow you to make better decisions and reach new levels of productivity.

  • Projections over one or several years
  • Forecast of liquidity change
  • Advanced planning simulations
  • Professional printouts with comparisons budget/balances