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VAT compliance

If you you need to report VAT there is a:

Setup for VAT

  1. Create a new accounting file using a UAE VAT template.
    Command File->New and enter "+emirates" in the search box,
  2. Install the VAT report extension for Emirates.
    Command Extension->Manage Extensions

Reporting VAT

  1. Enter transactions with the appropriate VAT codes.
  2. Run the VAT Report UAE in the menu Extensions
  3. Select the reporting period.
  4. Check and print the report.
  5. Fill the VAT online report form, by coping the values from the report.

Documentation VAT UAE

Links to the Federal Authority web site with more information on EUA VAT.

  1. FTA website.
  2. VAT E-Learing .
  3. VAT Legislation
  4. VAT user guides.



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