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    Multi currency-accounting template for enterprise in United Arab Emirates with VAT (account numbers)

    UAE (United Arab Emirates)
    Double-Entry Accounting with vat/sales tax and foreign currencies

    Double entry accounting for keeping track of the VAT transactions and printing a VAT Report for the United Arab Emirates.

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    Run Banana Accounting Plus on your browser without any installation. Customize the template, enter the transactions and save the file on your computer.

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    Template documentation

    Information specific for United Arab Emirates:

    Accounting template features

    The template has been setup in order to let you manage a company in United Arab Emirates:

    Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss

    The Accounts table contains all accounts and groups, structured for balance sheet (BS) and the profit & loss statement (PL).

    • Customize the accounting plan to exactly your needs by changing description, add or remove accounts and groups. 
    • Select the View Basic and enter the opening balance available in the column “Opening”.

    The following image shows the Account table, Balances view.

    • The column “Balance AED” is updated automatically when you change the opening amount or you enter transactions in the Transactions table”.


    Balance sheet

    The balance sheet shows your assets and your liabilities. Banana Accounting includes accounts that are usually utilized by SMEs. Nevertheless, you can customize the accounts. Be careful not to modify the accounts related to the VAT reporting. Those are essential to correctly generate the VAT report needed to fill out the online VAT return form in Saudi Arabia.

    Profit & loss statement

    The profit & loss statement shows the revenues and the expenses incurred by the company. Banana Accounting included accounts usually used by SMEs. Nevertheless, you can customize the accounts when needed.

    Clients/suppliers register

    After the P&L statement, there is a section where you can assign accounts to specific customers and suppliers. You will use these accounts to register transactions directly related to specific customers or suppliers. Banana also offers the possibility to print invoices from these transactions.

    All the accounts in the clients/suppliers register are regrouped under two accounts present in the assets and liabilities.

    Double-entry accounting

    You will notice that liability and revenue accounts are shown in negative and in red color. This is due to the fact that Banana Accounting fully leans on the concept of double-entry accounting. The principle of “debit and credit” present in the double entry accounting is usually represented in two separate columns. When it appears in a single column, as it happens in the accounts table, it is shown in red and in negative to better distinguish debit accounts from credit accounts.


    Template preview


    Basic Currency: AED

    Double-entry with foreign currencies and VAT/Sales tax

    Table: Accounts
    Group Description Currency Sum In
        BALANCE SHEET    
      101001 Trademark AED 101NCA
    101NCA   Intangible Non Current Assets   1NCA
      102001 Machineries and appliances AED 102NCA
      102005 Furniture AED 102NCA
      102010 Hardware AED 102NCA
      102015 Software AED 102NCA
    102NCA   Tangible Non Current Assets   1NCA
      103001 Security Deposit AED 103NCA
    103NCA   Financial Non Current Assets   1NCA
    1NCA   Non Current Assets   1
      107001 Inventory AED 107CA
    107CA   Inventory   1CA
    10   Clients   108CA
      108001 Invoices to be issued AED 108CA
    108CA   Trade receivables   1CA
      109001 Advance Payment AED 109CA
      109005 Prepaid Rent AED 109CA
      109010 Prepaid License Fee AED 109CA
      109015 Prepaid Insurance AED 109CA
      109020 Rent Security Deposit AED 109CA
    109CA   Other Current Assets   1CA
      110001 input VAT on purchases (box 9) AED 110CA
      110002 - Input VAT - adjustment unpaid suppliers older than 6 month (box 9) AED 110CA
      110005 Input VAT - purchase with reverse charge (box 10) AED 110CA
    110CA   Tax Receivable   1CA
      112001 Cash AED 112CA
      112005 Bank AED AED 112CA
      112010 Bank EUR EUR 112CA
      112015 Bank USD USD 112CA
      112016 Bank CNY CNY 112CA
    112CA   Cash and cash equivalent   1CA
    1CA   Current Assets   1
    1   Total ASSETS   00
      201001 Share Capital AED 2SE
      201005 Reseve AED 2SE
      201010 Retained (Profit) or Loss AED 2SE
    230   Profit or loss of the current year   2
    2SE   Shareholders' Equity   2
      205001 Shareholders' loan - AED AED 205NCL
      201002 Shareholders' loan - EUR EUR 205NCL
      205010 Long term loan AED 205NCL
    205NCL   Financial Non Current Liabilities   2NCL
      207001 End of service gratuity AED 207NCL
    207NCL   Employee Benefit Provision   2NCL
    2NCL   Non Current Liabilities   2
      210001 Bank Loan AED 210CL
    210CL   Financial Current Liabilities   2CL
    20   Suppliers AED 211CL
      211005 Invoices to be received AED 211CL
    211CL   Trade payables   2CL
      212200A Automatic VAT AED 212CL
      212200 VAT payable AED 212CL
      212201 Automatic VAT Account AED 212CL
      212202 VAT temporary reverse charge AED 212CL
    212CL   Tax liabilities   2CL
      213001 Payables vs personnel AED 213CL
      213015 Accruals AED AED 213CL
      213020 Other current liabilities AED 213CL
    213CL   Other Current Liabilities   2CL
    2CL   Current Liabilities   2
    2   Total LIABILITIES & EQUITY   00
      301001 Variation of inventories AED 301MA
      301005 Purchase of materials AED 301MA
      301015 Duty and freight AED 301MA
    301MA   Material   3OC
      302001 Licenses AED 302SE
      302005 Administrative costs AED 302SE
      302010 Professioanal consultancies AED 302SE
      302015 Legal fee AED 302SE
      302020 Accounting services AED 302SE
      302025 Audit fee AED 302SE
      302030 Utilities AED 302SE
      302035 Maintenance and repairs AED 302SE
      302040 IT services AED 302SE
      302045 Office rent AED 302SE
      302050 Travel expenses AED 302SE
      302055 Marketing expenses AED 302SE
      302060 Insurance AED 302SE
    302SE   Services Rental and Lease   3OC
      303001 Salary AED 303PE
      303005 End of service AED 303PE
      303010 Health insurance AED 303PE
      303015 VISA AED 303PE
      303020 Other personnel cost AED 303PE
    303PE   Personnel   3OC
      304001 Amort machineries and appliances AED 304AM
      304005 Amort furniture AED 304AM
      304010 Amort hardware AED 304AM
    304AM   Amortisation   3OC
      305001 provision for doubtful accounts AED 305OT
      305015 other provision AED 305OT
      305020 Negative adjustments AED 305OT
    305OT   Other costs   3OC
    3OC   Operating costs   3
      306001 Bank interest payable AED 3FC
      306005 Foreign currency losses AED 3FC
    3FC   Finance Costs   3
    3   Total EXPENSES   02
      401001 Sales AED 401EI
    401EI   External Incomes   4OI
      402001 Services Intragroup AED 402II
    402II   Intragroup Incomes   4OI
      403001 Positive adjustments AED 403OI
      403005 Ohter Incomes AED 403OI
    403OI   Other Incomes   4OI
    4OI   Operating revenues   4
      404001 Bank interest receivable AED 4FI
      404005 Foreigh currency profit AED 4FI
    4FI   Finance Income   4
    4   Total REVENUE   02
    02   Profit(-) Loss(+) from Profit & Loss Statement   230
    00   Difference should be = 0 (blank cell)    
      11.001 Altmann&Sons AED 10A
      11.002 Peter&Co. AED 10A
      11.003 MC AED 10A
      11.004 JDWater AED 10A
      11.005 RossiCostruzioni AED 10A
    10A   Total Customers   10
      20.001 Smith&Co AED 20A
      20.002 Doe&Sons AED 20A
      20.003 BosiaSoftware AED 20A
    20A   Total Suppliers   20
    Table: VAT codes
    VAT Code Description %VAT
      Output VAT - VAT due  
    OSR1 Sales at 5% standard rate Abu Dhabi (Box 1a) 5.00
    OSR2 Sales at 5% standard rate Dubai (Box 1b) 5.00
    OSR3 Sales at 5% standard rate Sharjah (Box 1c) 5.00
    OSR4 Sales at 5% standard rate Ajman (Box 1d) 5.00
    OSR5 Sales at 5% standard rate Umm Al Quwain (Box 1e) 5.00
    OSR6 Sales at 5% standard rate Ras Al Khaimah (Box 1f) 5.00
    OSR7 Sales at 5% standard rate Fujairah (Box 1g) 5.00
    OSTS Tax refunds provided to turists  
    ORCS Purchase of services with reverse charge - OUTPUT VAT - (Box 3) 5.00
    OZR Sales Zero Rated (Box 4)  
    OEX Sales Exempt (Box 5)  
    ORCI Import of goods with reverse charge - OUTPUT VAT calculated by UAE Custom - (Box 6) 5.00
    ORCA Adjustment values calculated by Custom on import of goods - (Box 7) 5.00
    OOS Sales Out of Scope  
    OIG Sales to registered customers in other GCC implementing state (no UAE VAT)  
      Input VAT - VAT recoverable  
    ISR Purchases at 5% standard rate (Box 9) 5.00
    IRC Purchases of goods and services with reverse charge - INPUT VAT - (Box 10) 5.00
    IZR Purchases Zero Rated  
    IEX Purchases Exempt  
    IOS Purchases Out of Scope  
      : ADJ - adjustements are registered with the same VAT code used for the transactions that needs an adjustment  
    Table: Exchange rates
    Ref.Currency Currency Text
    AED EUR Euro
    AED USD US Dollars
    AED CNY Chinese Yuan
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