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Utility applications

The Utilities application allows you to create the following file types:



    Additional useful functions for the utilities

    The following commands are particularly useful when used with these applications:


    Link between tables

    You can create a link between a field of one table to another one, through the Id field.
    For example:

    • Add a new simple table named "Projects"
      • In the Id column indicate a project symbol and in the Description column a small explanation.
    • In another simple table, add the following text columns:
      • ProjectsId (Table name plus "Id")
        When you go into edit mode a list of the available projects will be displayed.
      • ProjectsDescription (Table name plus "Description")
        This column must be protected.
        When you change the ProjectsId contents, the description text will be displayed.
    • When you add a column, proceed with a check of the accounting or close and reopen the file to activate the link.

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