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This dialog appears when the program closes unexpectedly, and it was not possible to save changes made to the file.
When the program is reopened, it detects that the autosave file (temporary file) has not been canceled, and then asks if you want to retrieve the file.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Recover
    • The autosave file is copied replacing the original file
    • The original file is renamed as indicated in the dialog window
  • Don't recover
    • Both the original file and the autosave file are kept
    • The program will not warn you anymore that the autosave file was kept
  • Cancel

The autosave files that were not recovered will be kept, and will have to be deleted manually.

If the program stops working

If the program is closed normally, it asks whether to save the modified data, and the autosave file is deleted.

However that program may be unexpectedly closed for a number of reasons:

  • A power outage or another event that caused an immediate arrest of the operating system
  • A problem that led to the crash of the program
    • Due to another program or to a situation of the operating system or driver that caused the program to stop.
      Try to restart your computer and use the program without other programs.
      • A flaw in the operating system or a faulty program can cause an interruption of Banana.
        • Problem with some Dell computers.
      • A computer fault (memory error)
      • A virus or some other problem
    • A problem in the Banana Accounting software
      Usually when, repeating the same command always causes the program to crash.
      If the program stops in completely different situations, is more likely that the problem is due to a computer or operating system problema (see above)
      • First of all make sure that you have the latest version of the program
        Install the updates if necessary. The problem could have been solved in the meantime


Contact technical support

Verify the situation in which the program stops.

  • It is important to understand in what situations the program stops, so that technicians can replicate the problem.
  • When you contact the technical service:
    • Describe the problem and how it can be reproduced - describe the error.
    • Enter your system details (you can copy them under Tools -> Program Options -> Info System.
    • If the problem occurs in relation to a file, send a copy of the file (removing confidential data).


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