Manage scripts

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The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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With the Premium or Experimental version of Banana accounting users have the ability to add new features to the program using scripts. You can thus cover a wide range of needs: from verify certain accounting records, to export the data in a proprietary format and more.


Add a script

Open the accounting file. From the menu "Account1" select "Scripts" and then "Manage scripts ...". Click on "Add..." and select the script that you want to add to the accounting, confirm with ok. The script will be included in the list and can be used from now on. Close the dialog box and save the accounting.

The script will be available only in the current accounting. For any other accounting file you you will need to repeat the operation.


Create a script

To create a script, refer to the documentation for Scripts, where you will also find some examples and tutorials.


Scripts Menu

The Scripts command under the Tools menu allows you to run scripts and manage them (add, remove, enable, ...). Only enabled scripts are listed in the menu.


Manage scripts



Run the selected script.


Run the selected script in debug modus.


Opens the selected script in the editor by default.


Allows you to add a script.


Removes the script. The script is not physically removed from the computer but only removed from the list.


Activating or deactivating the check box next to the description of the script you can enable or disable the script. Only enabled scripts are listed in the Scripts menu.