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This feature is available by using the key Ctrl+3. Facilitates the capture and saving of a program image.
In order to use this feature you need to activate it via Window-> Develop -> Enable screenshot (Ctrl + 3)
It is useful for preparing documentation, as it only captures the part of the program windows that you are interested in.

Capturing the image

When capturing an image we advise you to use a 90% zoom, so more data will fit in the image but you still get readable texts.

  • Capture all
    It creates an image of the full Banana window.
  • Capture table and info window
    It only captures the table and the info window below the table (without menus, toolbar and status bar).
  • Capture table
    It only capture the table
  • Capture columns
    It only captures the table, and only up to the maximum columns width (it doesn't include the white spaces).

Resize window (pixel)

It resizes the program window to a pre-defined size, so if you take multiple shots you always have the same size.

Hide / Show window's components

It allows you to see more table rows, by hiding the toolbar, the info window and the status bar.

Windows  - How to remove the dialogue windows shadow

Windows 8 e 10 "enhance" their dialog windows by adding a shadow to them. When capturing the window image you therefore also see the background.

In order to avoid this you can proceed as follows:

  • From the Windows search box type Sysdm.cpl
  • Go to the Advanced section
  • Visual effects Settings
  • Uncheck the option Show shadow
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