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Dialog build video

The command "Build Video" give you different choices.

Build Video

  • Build language.
    Select the language to use.
  • Create video file (Always on)
    Create the video file with Titles, Voice and Subtitles.
    • Prepend Chapter to Display titles
      Automatically prepend the Chapter number to the Display text.
      To be used for titles.
      Speech text remain the same
    • Embed subtitles in the video
      The subtitles are embedded in the (style name starting with "Subtitles") in the video.
      The build process will also create a *.srt file that you can use to add subtitles.
    • Add control times
      Include information on the clip and text start and duration time.
      Useful to check if there are any problem in the sequence.
  • Create audio file
    It save the audio in separate file.
  • Create GIF file
    It create a GIF animated sequence.
    • G Width (the height is calculated automatically)
    • Add progress bar.
      Include a progress bar that show the make the gif look like a video progress bar.
    • Progress bar color in FFmpeg format
      You can also specify the opacity"red@0.4". It use color red with a opacity of 0.4. color of the
  • Clear cache.
    The program keep a cache with all the the intermediary files. The file are recreated only in case the data change.
    In case you change the data, but the audio or video is not updated, you should try clear the cache. Build time will take longer.
    • Clips.
      The video are fully regenerated.
    • Speeches
      All the she speech texts are recreated.

Build process

Once you click build the build process start:

  • The audio speech are generated.
  • Each row clip is created and the duration is calculated.
  • The row clips are concatenated.

In the Out directory you will have:

  • A generated .mp4 video file with the speech.
  • The srt file with the subtitles.
  • The index file with the chapter time and text
    Copy the content to youtube to have the chapters.
  • The audio with the speech (if requested)
  • The gif file (if requested)


Output directory structure

When you give a build command a new directory is created on the project directory with the same name as the project file, preceded by the "_" and a sub-directory for the specified language. All temporary data will be stored in the directory.

The directory or any sub-directory can be deleted at any time, but the build will take more time dute to the necessity to rebuild all the intermediary and cache files.

Assuming your project file name is "testvideo.ac2", the resulting directory structure will be:

  • _testvideo
    • en
      the temporary file for the language "en"
      • build
        Where all the intermediary file are stored.
      • cache
        Cache for intermediary files.
      • out (results)
        Where the output video, audio and gif are written.
    • it
      the temporary file for the language "it".
    • temp
      temporary files not specific to a language.
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