Requirements and setting up the environment for video and speech creation

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  • Internet connection (necessary to create speech files)
  • Banana Accounting Dev Channel Version.
  • Subscription to the Advanced Plan.
  • FFmpeg executables.
  • Subscription to a text-to speech service
    • Azure cognitive API
    • Google text-to- speech service.

Setup the environment

In order to use the Educational Video Maker application.

  • For Windows
    • Download and Install ffmpeg tools
      • Download ffmpeg tools for Windows
      • Under "Get packages & executable files" select the Window operating system.
      • Download the essential package.
      • Unpack the file to a directory for example C:\ffmpeg
        Under bin you should have the file ffmpeg.exe and fprobe.exe
    • Make sure your antivirus does not block or slow the execution
      • Search and go to  "Virus Thread and Protection"
      • Manage settings
      • Add Remove Exclusions.
      • Add Exclusion
      • Folder
      • Select the ffmpeg/bin directory
    • Install a video player for mp4 files.
      Video are build in mp4 format, the codec is not preinstalled on Window.
  • MacOS setup (Install Ffmpeg tools)
    • Download the ffmpeg and ffprobe binaries
      • Under "Get packages & executable files" select the Mac operating system.
        Download the
      • ffmpeg
      • ffprobe.
      • Unpack the files and copy them to a new directory.
      • Make sure the ffmpeg and ffprobe are executable file type.
        • Go to the "Get packages & executable files" section of the page.
        • Click on macOS icon.
        • Click on "Static builds for macOS 64-bit".
  • Setup Banana Accounting.
    • Install and run the dev-channel version.
    • Run the software
    • Make sure you can open MP4 files
      • Menu Tools → Program Settings.
    • Activate the integrated Screen Capture.
      • Windows-Appearance → Show developer Menus.
      • Developer menu → Activate ctrl+3.
    • Set the default language to English.
      • Menu Tools → Program Settings.
      • File Handling → Extensions of files conisdered secure
      • Add mp4 to the list
  • Create an empty video project
  • Setup the Global settings
    • Important you need to specify the ffmpeg executable.
  • Request the authorization at
    Speech generation only work if you have the authorization.
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