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Packaged extensions are QT resource files that are generated with the QT rcc command. 

  • The rcc utility is distribute with Banana Accounting.
  • When you drag a .qrc file in Banana Accounting Windows the program will automatically call the rcc utility and compile the package and generate a .sbaa file.

Create a package extension file

For more information see Packaged extensions

  • Create a javascript extension file.
  • Create a manifest.json file with the information regarding the extensions.
  • Create a .qrc file with the list of the files to be included in the packages.
  • Open Banana Accounting
  • Drag the .qrc file in Banana Accounting to create a package:
    • It will ask you if you want to compile the file.
  • Banana Accounting is distributed with a rcc command, and the rcc wil be used to generate the a .sbaa file.

Once you have created the .sbaa file you can install the package.


Qrc file file can also be compiled directly with the QT command. We currently use cmake to automate the process of creating a packaged extensi

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