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The beta release of the Estimates and Invoices extension adds new and important functions to the application.
All major developments have been carried out and also tested. We invite everybody to test and give us feedback.

How to install it

Watch the video tutorial which shows you how to try out the brand new Beta version of the Estimates and Invoices extension.

You can change the release channel at any time without data loss.

System Requirements:

  • Banana Accounting+ 10.1.18 or newer
  • [CH10] Layout with Swiss QR Code with publishing date of 2023-06-19 or newer

What's new

Released on 2024-05-06

  • Fixed: Problem with decimals in the quantity column:
    • It is now possible to define a quantity amount without the decimals
    • Fixed a problem when entering a quantity amount with only one digit in the rows where there was already a description or date entered.
  • Fixed: Problem selecting items (with mouse) from combo box.
  • Fixed: Program warning when opening dialog.

Released on 2024-02-01

Released on 2024-01-16

  • Fixed problem with scroll
  • Fixed problem with HD monitors
  • Fixed problem while deleting invoices in table Invoices
  • Added column Payment term in days in table Contacts
  • Added column Currency in tables Invoices and Contacts

  Subtotals of items

Subtotals allow you to add partial totals to the invoice. For example, it is possible to insert a subtotal with labor costs and a subtotal with material costs.

To add a subtotal:

  • Go to the Settings tab > Item Columns section and switch on the column Type
  • Go to the Invoice tab
    • Add a new row
    • In the column Type select "Total", "Total 1" or "Total 2"
    • Enter the desired description for the total line.


Subtotals in the dialog

Beta subtotals of items in dialog

Subtotals on the invoice

Beta subtotals of items on the invoice

Upcoming new functionalities

  • Add status to the invoice (draft, sent, reminder1, canceled, ...)

Functionalities integrated in the standard release

  • Possibility to print reminders (Advanced plan)
  • Possibility to print delivery notes (Advanced plan)
  • Possibility to print more invoices in separated pdf files

Dialogue extension

The dialogue for entering invoice data is implemented via the Estimates and Invoice Dialogue Extension.

  • The extension is installed automatically when an Estimates and Invoice file is opened.
  • The extension is updated automatically when a new version of the extension is released.
    The dialogue can therefore change even if the Banana Accounting programme has not been updated.
  • To try using a development version of the extension, see Manage Extensions : Using a Development Version.

If you have the Advanced plan, you can edit the source code and upload your modified code on your instance to Banana Accounting+.


We would appreciate every feedback about this new release.
You can send us your feedback through the contact form, please also include a short description about the context where your are using this extension.


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