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The VAT Summary is a journal that reports VAT movements and balances, according to the parameters set and options selected. 

It is automatically processed by the programme and can be saved and archived in PDF format, proving very useful during VAT audits, audits and tax audits, even years later.

For users who do not wish to have automation for the online management and transmission of VAT data, the VAT Summary becomes essential in order to be able to calculate the VAT amounts to be entered manually in the Swiss paper return or on the Swiss FTA portal.

If you wish to have a complete automation of the Swiss VAT Report and of the electronic transmission of VAT data, greatly accelerating and simplifying your work, we recommend using the new VAT 2024 extensions, available in the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus.

The VAT report is obtained by clicking on the menu Reports > VAT report

riassunto iva nel cash manager

When activated, the following options allow you to include the following data in the VAT report:

Include movements

All transactions with VAT are included.

Include totals for accounts

The totals of transactions with VAT are included, grouped by single account.

Include totals by codes

The totals of transactions with VAT are included, grouped by single VAT code.

Include totals by percentages

The totals of transactions with VAT for each individual rate are included.

Include unused codes

Also included are the unused codes present in the VAT Codes table.

Use own grouping (group and Gr)

Transactions with VAT are grouped according to the grouping of the VAT Codes table.

Order registration by

This function allows you to sort the recordings based on the selected option (date, doc.,
description, etc ....).

Partial Report

By specifying a code or a group and checking the appropriate boxes, the total of transactions with VAT is obtained:

  • just the code indicated (by selecting from the list)
  • just the indicated group (by selecting from the list).

Other sections

Information for the other sections is available on the following web pages:

VAT Report / transactions with totals by code

The overall total in the last row of the VAT report has to correspond with the amount for the end of period of the Automatic VAT account, Balance column, on the condition that both of them refer to the same period.

The data of the VAT report can also be transferred to and elaborated by other programs (f.i. Excel, XSLT) and be presented in formats that are similar to the forms of the tax authority

For Switzerland, one can automatically obtain a document similar to the form that has to be sent to the VAT office. This form shows the amount to enter for each number.  Please consult (in German, French, or Italian) Swiss VAT Report.


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