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Banana Accounting Plus is the solution for keeping professional accounting easily and at a truly competitive price.
It is the ideal accounting program for small firms, freelancers and associations and many other users!
In fact, thanks to the many specific templates for various categories, Banana Accounting Plus is suitable for different levels of accounting expertise and a variety of realities!

The right solution for everyone

Banana Accounting Plus is a versatile product. Take a detailed look at the major benefits for your needs:

The Free plan of Banana Accounting+

In the Free plan of Banana Accounting Plus the following application are unlimited:

  • Cash Manager - To manage and plan income and expenses for a single account.
  • Timesheet - For effective tracking of work hours and planning of schedules, vacation and leave.

Also you can try all other applications and all functions up to 70 accounting transactions.

Be ready to work in minutes

Everything is very simple and you can get started right away:

  1. Create your file by choosing a template
  2. Enter your transactions
  3. Print the Balance Sheet

▶ Video: Accounting in 3 Steps

Check out our Universal templates

Discover our Universal templates, alongside country-specific options. These are Banana's ready-to-use file templates, easily adaptable to your country or preferences, with descriptive accounts for better understanding.

Get started now!

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