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    Importing SEPA/ISO Bank Statement 20022


    Imports and converts statement movements into accounting movements. Supports files in ISO/SEPA 20022 format and camt052, camt053, camt054.

    Importing data into existing accounts

    This is a functionality included in the programme. Proceed as indicated in the Import into accounting command.
    With this function it is also possible to open a compressed file. The programme in this case will ask you to choose the file from which to import the data into the compressed file.

    Viewing the content

    If you wish to view the contents before importing the file, use the function View ISO20022 file.

    The ISO 20022 standard for account statements

    With SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area), the ISO 20022 standard becomes mandatory in Europe as of 1.1.2014, and replaces the Swift MT940 format.

    Banana Accounting supports the ISO 20022 formats camt.052, camt.053 (including version 4) and camt.054 .

    Technical notes on ISO 20022 conversion

    The ISO 20022 standard encodes the accounting data of the account statement in a very precise manner. However, it also leaves a certain amount of freedom to insert additional account and movement information.

    When reading the file Banana tries to adapt to the way the ISO 20022 file was prepared.

    • Reads as beginning balance similar encodings
    • Reads as ending balance the similar encodings
    • All the movements contained are read and transformed into movements
      • Transaction date (Date)
      • Currency date
      • Movement amount (positive or negative)
      • Description (Banana for the moment assembles the various descriptions into a single text)
         In the future, it is planned to extract this information more specifically and indicate other columns where it should be allocated.
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