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Securities are listed in the Items table. The use of this table in portfolio accounting makes it possible to keep track of the quantity of securities bought, sold and current.

Enter all securities in the Items table. It works like Excel, so you can add, remove and duplicate rows.

  • The id which is generally the ISIN of the security.
  • The description
  • The quantity and initial unit price.
  • The accounting account where the accounting movements of the security are recorded.
  • The groupings, to have separate totals for stocks, bonds or whatever you prefer.
  • The current (market) value.
  • For multi-currency accounting you also set the currency of the security.
  • In this case the accounting account must also be in the same currency.

The program calculates automatically:

  • The current quantity (based on individual movements)
  • The total value at the current price.
  • The totals for the different groups.

accounts table (assets example)


We advise to create groups for different securities types, to have the total amount for each securities category. The groupings are also used in the portfolio valuation report as a reference for dividing the results into group types.

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