File setup of project accounting

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Create new file

To create a new File, go to the File menu and click the New command.

This command opens the window for creating a new file. From this window you can search for the template you are interested in, in this case choose the Construction Project Accounting template.

Basic properties

The main parameters of the accounting file are defined in the file and accounting properties, such as the header, the opening and closing date of the project. You can change the properties from the File menu → File and accounting properties.

This data is included in the report and can be printed.

file properties

Create a project folder

You can manage your documents and receipts in digital format by linking them to transactions so you have everything well organized and can view them with one click.

It is therefore useful that you create a folder to save the accounting file you have created.

Then create subfolders for documents of deliberations, receipts, and others. See how to organize digital documents.



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