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Accounts Table

The program allows you to manage the origin of the funds that are used to make payments. It indicates the accounts with which you are going to pay the artisans and other accounts of origin of the funds (own contributions).

Typically in a construction project there will be the construction bank account.

There are also preset accounts for:

  • Disputed Invoices.
    • Record the part of the invoice amount, which is not considered due.
  • Invoices awaiting payment. Invoices received that have not yet been paid.
  • Work in Progress. To record work that has been done, but for which you have not yet received the invoice.

accounts table: accounts

However, you can also create other accounts used to make payments or those of mortgages, used for the consolidation of the project.


Company accounts

For each company to which a job is assigned, you must first create an account of type cost center 1 (preceded by ".").

accounts table: companies

With the address view you can also enter the personal data, contacts and other information relating to the company.


If the construction includes several entities (for example housing units) and you want to have a systematic breakdown of the different expenses, you can use segments. In this case, you must also indicate the segment to which the expense is attributed for each movement.



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