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    Financial management for construction projects | Income and Expenses accounting

    Income & Expense Accounting

    Simple template for keeping control over construction costs. See the difference between budgeted, assigned and actual amounts, both by cost type and for artisans and businesses. Allows you to allocate resources in the best possible way and avoid overruns. Ideal for architects and contractors. Use it like Excel, but it's more complete, simpler and faster.

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    Run Banana Accounting Plus on your browser without any installation. Customize the template, enter the transactions and save the file on your computer.

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    Template documentation

    Financial statements

    The Income and Expense accounting application provides an up-to-date situation:

    • Accounts and Categories table. In these tables you have the balances, budget and situation.
    • With the account card command you can get the details of each account.
    • Contextual information in the transactions and budget table.
    • Evolution chart.

    Financial management statements for construction projects

    The Financial management statements for construction projects extension contains specific reports for cost control and budget data comparison.

    Consult the documentation of the extension and set up your project file correctly step by step and use the report, create transactions for assignments quickly and easily.

    To use it, an advanced subscription is required.

    Template preview

    Zurich - Parcel xxx

    Construction costs

    Basic Currency: CHF

    Income & Expense accounting

    Table: Accounts
    Group Description Sum In
        Financial position  
      Cash Cash Assets
      Bank Current Account Bank Assets
    Assets   Asset Accounts Total Funding
      Construction Account Raiffeisen construction account Liabilities
      Loan Raiffeisen Bank Loan Liabilities
      Payable invoices Unpaid invoices Liabilities
      Disputed invoices Invoices not fully due Liabilities
      Work in progress To be invoiced (estimated amounts) Liabilities
    Liabilities   Third party capital Total Funding
    Total Funding   Total Funding  
      :Main building Main building  
      :Apartment 01 Apartment 01  
      :Apartment 02 Apartment 02  
      .Albertolli Albertolli Companies
      .Botta Botta Companies
      .Carli Carli Companies
      .Cocchi Cocchi Companies
      .Bianchi Bianchi Companies
        Gabbani Companies
        Lucchini Companies
        Rossi Companies
        Zanolli Companies
      .Not assigned Not assigned Companies
    Companies   Total companies  
    Table: Categories
    Group Category Description Sum In
      Preliminary works Preliminary and demolition works Building
      Excavations Excavation and filling works Building
      Foreman Works by foreman of the building Building
      Plasterer Plasterer's works for plasters Building
      Electrician Electrician's work Building
      Heating Works for heating system Building
      Sanitary Works for sanitary system Building
      Prefabricated Works for prefabricated building Building
      Windows carpenter Carpenter's works - PVC windows Building
      Interior carpenter Carpenter's works - Interiors Building
      Insulations Works for facade insulation Building
      Coating Interior coating works Building
      Windowsill Works for aluminum window sills Building
      Blacksmith Blacksmith works Building
      Doors Entrance doors Building
      Letterboxes Letterboxes Building
      Sunshades Works for sunshade elements Building
      Painter Painter's works Building
      Kitchen Kitchen works Building
      Project management Project, Construction Management Building
      Static calculations Static calculations Building
    Building   Total building Construction
      External External arrangement works External
      Lawn Gardener Gardener's work (green lawn only) External
      Fences Fences External
      Canopy Canopy External
    External   Total external arrangement Construction
    Construction   Total Construction Work
      Taxes Taxes Other
      Rounding Rounding Other
      Land Land Other
      Notary costs Notary costs Other
      Bank expenses Interests and bank fees Other
      Other expenses Other expenses after final balance Other
      Solar system Solar thermal system Other
      Subsidies Solar installation and/or energy refurbishment Other
      Contingencies Contingencies Other
    Other   Total Others Work
    Work   Total cost of the work Total
      Garden Garden maintenance Maintenance
      Swimming pool Swimming pool maintenance Maintenance
      Elevator Elevator revision Maintenance
        Heating revision Maintenance
        Duct cleaning Maintenance
        Cleaning of heating coils Maintenance
    Maintenance   Maintenance expenses Total
    Total   Total Project  
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