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Categories Table

The Categories table is where you set the elements of the work to be performed. Cost categories can be changed or personalized in any moment, if you have particular requirements you can decide to change the structure of grouping of the elements, or use the one proposed by the template.

Estimate Budget Column

In this column you define the amount of the estimate for each Cost category. You can change the amount whenever you want.

Variants of Budget

You can add additional columns to enter the amounts relating to any variants of the estimate. Use the Data menu → Columns setup command, and add a column of Amount type to make sure that the values are totalized.

construction budget columns

Additional columns

In Banana Accounting terminology, the Budget column is the one that contains the values calculated on the basis of the movements contained in the Budget table.

In project management, the Budget table has been renamed to "Assignments " and is used to insert assignments . This can create a moment of confusion.

deliberations and expenses columns

Assignments column

Contains the values shown in the Assignments table.

Expenses column

It contains the values calculated on the basis of the movements in the Transactions table.

Expenses-Assignments column

Calculates the difference between the values obtained with the movements in the Transactions table and the amounts in the Assignments .

expenses and deliberations difference columns

Use your own structure

You can freely create a structure of Categories as you wish, also taking up standard structures.

  • Create categories.
    You can use numbers or descriptors.
  • Create the groupings.
    You can use as many levels as you like.

Additional groupings

For tax authorities or other needs you may find it useful to group the Categories entries by other criteria. You can use the Gr1 column for this purpose or add additional columns as needed.


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