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In the non-profit world, the work done is mostly volunteer-based and financial resources are always scarce. Banana Accounting Plus is the ideal software, a very simple and fast solution for keeping association accounts professionally, at a very low price. We offer two subscription plans:

Specific benefits for associations

Always have up-to-date balances and print balance sheets, journal, budgets at any time. With the Budget feature, you can include all pre-approved revenues and costs and constantly check if everything falls in as budgeted or assess if there are contingencies to discuss with members. You can automatically create donation statements and membership dues for your members created with the Estimates and Invoices application.

Banana Accounting Plus offers features that are particularly useful for associations:

Templates for associations

We offer a wide range of pre-set file templates with everything you need to keep accounts professionally and for all types of accounting (Cash Manager, Income/Expenses  accounting, Double-entry accounting, Multi-currency accounting):

Universal templates

Universal templates are templates that can be easily adapted to any country. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for in the Swiss templates, try including universal templates in your search:

Change of treasurer made simple

In associations, the job of treasurer is often passed from one volunteer to another. You can easily transfer your Banana Accounting subscription from one person to another. You can find more information on the following pages:

Start for Free

Start free by simply downloading the program and using it with the Free plan. No personal information is required, even email is optional.
You can try everything, even the Advanced features, up to 70 transactions, with no time limit.
Switch at any time to one of the paid plans while keeping your saved data.

Immediate set-up

Starting with a template is really simple, and in a few minutes you are ready to work. However, we have several short videos that explain how to do it step by step:

Check out all the other videos

Update from an older version

Already have an old version of Banana? Upgrade now and get a free month! Data compatibility is guaranteed and the transition is really easy:

Users reviews

"I use Banana for the Parent Assembly of my son's middle school, for a medical practice and for a small company. I manage 3 totally different activities but thanks to the very simple and intuitive program I can find solutions without using support." - L. Pedrini

"I had many fears because I am not at all versed in either computers or accounting, but I had an immediate feeling with Banana. It is an easy program to use even for someone like me, and it gives great satisfaction. Plus the cost is very low." - Project David Association

     Used to manage over 200 projects in more than 30 countries and multiple currencies.

   Swiss Red Cross International

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