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News • 02/08/2023 •
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In Banana Accounting Plus you can import bank transactions obtained from bank statements. This operation greatly speeds up the work and avoids manual entry.


Importing with Banana saves you even more time because you can import several files at once or a zip file containing several files.

Each bank issues bank statements in its own format, which it updates regularly. Consequently, in order to ensure that the data of all banks are readable by Banana, a great deal of constant work is required to update the import statements by our development team.

ISO 20022 file import

In order to simplify the import of bank data, the ISO 20022 format has been introduced internationally, a standard format that all banks should now make available. This format can also be referred to as ISO xml, xml, camt.053, camt.054, and others. For some banks, the ISO 20022 format may not be available by default but needs to be requested. The ISO 20022 format replaces the old MT940 standard.
By importing bank data with the ISO20022 format, Banana Accounting Plus also allows you to automatically close open invoices of customers and suppliers.

In Banana Accounting Plus, the import of ISO 20022 files is possible with both the Professional and Advanced plans.

Importing files in other formats

In addition to the ISO2022 format, Postfinance and other Swiss banks also offer the possibility of downloading bank transactions in .csv format. The .csv format is different for each bank and is updated and changed regularly to improve it and provide more detail.

Our developers gradually update the various extensions so that the import of bank transactions goes smoothly. The import extensions for the following banks have recently been updated: Aargauische Kantonalbank, Basler Kantonalbank, PostFinance, ING Bank (NL), Credit Suisse, UBS, Corner Bank, Raiffeisen, BancaStato, Zürcher KantonalBank.

In Banana Accounting Plus, the updated extensions for importing .csv files from various banks are available in the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus.

  • If the import file in .csv format does not work, your bank has most likely changed its format. In this case, if you are using the Professional plan of Banana Plus or an older version of Banana, we recommend that you opt to import the files in the ISO 20022 format.
  • If, on the other hand, you still want to continue importing your bank files in .csv format, switch to the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus. In addition to having the import extensions always up-to-date, you will find several other very useful functions!
  • If you have the Advanced plan and you don't see your bank's .csv format in the list, please send us a Feedback and attach a sample file (.csv)  – even just one transaction – and we will evaluate whether to create the import extension.


Watch the tutorial video to discover how to import bank transactions directly from the bank statement in Banana Accounting Plus and save valuable time.

▶ Watch the Video on Import bank statement transactions

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