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The need to transfer the Banana license to someone else occurs mainly for associations and NGOs, when the treasurer changes.

We recommend taking advantage of the change of treasurer to upgrade to the latest Banana Accounting Plus version. This is an annual subscription version with several new features and innovations that make practical management even faster and more intuitive, especially for those who are not professional accounting background.

Transferring the Banana Accounting 9 license

If the license for use is in the name of the association's accountant

When the association's accountant changes, the license may be transferred to the new accountant, subject to notice to SA, by the outgoing accountant; Banana will cancel the data of the previous accountant and head the license to the new person. The previous holder of the license may not use Banana Accounting.

If the license for use is in the name of the association

When the association's accountant changes and the accounting is performed on a computer belonging to the association, it is not necessary to notify SA of the name of the new accountant.

Attention: these license transfers are only possible for version 9.
For earlier versions, licensing steps are only possible with the same operating system:
a Mac license cannot be used on a computer running Windows or Linux (or vice versa). To switch from one operating system to another, you must upgrade to Banana Accounting+ (Multiplatform for Windows, Mac, Linux).

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