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The Mobile version of Banana Accounting Plus is available for both Android and iOS!
It contains almost all the functionalities of the desktop version, to allow you to work at your best on your accounting even when you're not in front of the computer.

The Banana Mobile applications are available for free. They are an excellent support if you already have a desktop version and want to access your files from outside your office. These applications are constantly updated and improved.

With the mobile version of Banana Accounting you can quickly enter the transactions and control your accounting at any time! This mobile version is the porting for the desktop version, and is optimized for use on tablets, chromebook and "desktop mode", while on small screens the experience is limited, as they are not so suitable for the Excel-like interface.
It is also ideal for students who don't have a computer, as they can practice and learn double-entry accounting via their smartphone.

banana contabilità su tablet e telefono

Try it now!

Download for free Banana Mobile for iOS/iPadOS from the Apple App Store or Banana Mobile for Android from the Google Android Play Store, and give us your feedback! Banana Accounting Plus will get better and better, also thanks to you.

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