Digital training in Congo DRC: an example for many nations

News • 14/09/2023 •
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In April 2023, the digital training project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) reached an important milestone by completing the training of accounting teachers in all 60 educational provinces across the country.


The ministry of Primary Secondary and Technical Education (EPST), for whom is a technology partner, has presented this project in detail on their website (the page is in French and may take a while to load).

The ministry's goal was to prioritise the teacher's training by following a formative module with a cascade approach. This strategy has proved successful, as very low investments have allowed outstanding achievements, which we briefly summarise here:

  • Many accounting teachers have learnt to use IT tools within teaching.
  • In schools equipped with computer rooms, students are offered accounting training in line with the needs of the professional world. 
  • Teachers have been able to open up their schools' computers, install Banana Accounting and other software, and enhance existing computers that were hardly in use.  
  • This new approach and teaching method has bought great consent within students and teachers thus encouraging many schools to equip themselves with computer tools. 

Whilst promoting digitalisation worldwide, the supply of hardware, computers, tablets, is always a priority. The strategy held by the Democratic Republic of Congo, prioritising teacher training, requires much less investment but still resulting in immediate and long-term advantages. Fellow nations within and outside Africa should take note especially where accounting is taught. 

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