Accounting in school - Lisa Quarenghi's enthusiasm for software integration

News • 31/10/2023 •
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Introducing software in teaching benefits teachers and especially students, because it speeds up the learning process making it more stimulating, as explained by teacher Lisa Quarenghi during our interview.


The adaptation to digital technologies took place in 2018 for Lisa Quarenghi, both an Accounting business administration teacher at the "Centro Professionale Commerciale" in Lugano, Switzerland. Initially, Banana Accounting was used in the classes that took part in her project "Accounting and computers: a model for a different education". As months went by, she realised that the software not only is a better support than pen and paper, but it's a valid tool that improves the teaching of accounting by enhancing students' skills.

A smooth integration of the software

Lisa Quarenghi uses Banana Accounting on average a couple of hours a week, «I give up part of the "traditional lesson" to go to the computer room. My students also have Banana Accounting on their own devices, so they have free access to carry out the exercises at their own pace and to practise whenever they wish».

Lisa Quarenghi while teaching accounting with Banana Accounting

The teacher had no difficulty to integrating Banana Accounting into her teaching; the transition took place without any great effort or obstacles, being that she was not new to the use of accounting software. First and foremost,  «it is essential that teachers have an acquired knowledge of the software», which occurs more spontaneously from «those who have had work experience in the accounting field» Lisa points out. Regardless of this, the simplicity and immediacy of use of Banana Accounting means that any teacher with accounting experience can adapt to how it works in no time.

How to create enthusiasm among different learners 

Lisa Quarenghi's accounting lessons are based on real-life situations, by managing, for example, receipts that may be handled on a day- to-day basis in a company. «The students' curiosity and interest helps to motivate them».

Experimenting with Banana by Lisa Quarenghi

Since she started using Banana in her lessons,  Lisa noticed that «the other thing students appreciate is that there is no need to search and check if there is a balance between debits and credits as the software shows it straight away. There are several automatism that simplify bookkeeping and reduce the workload. The students love that». Some of them even get enthusiastic about using the software and try to understand the reasoning behind its functioning.

An example of application is the exercise where the transactions, receipts and other data are already set up. Students have to find errors of various kinds, from omissions to corrections in VAT and so on. «For a number of students, this can become stimulating allowing them to test their own skills» the teacher specifies.

Evidence document for an accounting exercise


Lisa explains that Banana Accounting always shows «the accounting item just recorded, and it shows it in the classic form, learnt in class from the first accounting lesson: first the account in Debit and then, below, the account(s) in Credit».

Why it is important to adopt Banana Accounting 

Introducing software for teaching accounting is not only beneficial at a school level, but will also influence the work future of students. Lisa adds that «certainly raising awareness, also from the school environment, can help to make people realise that using accounting software is not an end to itself, but will help on a working level».

Compared to the reductive pen and paper, with Banana Accounting «there is an acquisition and development of additional skills, especially analytical ones thus making it possible to speed up and simplify the teaching of accounting» concludes Lisa Quarenghi.

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