Fixed asset register

The Banana Accounting Plus depreciable assets register follows the life cycle of your assets in all simplicity.
Innovative functions and many automatisms to make your job easy.

Maximum practicality

  • Well-defined tables and columns allowing for intuitive work
  • Automated calculations and records
  • Evolution of assets
  • Value changes
  • Assets value and assets devaluation forecast
  • Import depreciation transactions in your accounting file

Register your assets in an instant

In the Items table you have well-defined columns where you can plan the duration of your assets.

You can indicate the initial value, the purchase date, the account linked to your accounting, the type of depreciation and the rate used to automatically calculate depreciation at the end of the year.

You can allocate an identification ID for each asset to be amortized, which will then facilitate the task of recording all the changes over the years, automating the calculations and movements.




Automated and flexible transactions

Create records regarding changes in your assets in an instant. By entering the identification ID of the type of registration and of the article, the descriptions are automatically inserted, it is only necessary to enter the value of the variation (purchase or sale).

The year-end postings of amortization are also automatically inserted via a simple command.


Customize depreciation as it suits you

Banana Accounting Plus's Fixed assets register makes it is very easy to configure depreciation schedules according to your needs. Choose the frequency of dates you prefer: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly, the program will automatically calculate the residual values.

For increased flexibility, at every step, manual changes such as devaluations or revaluations can be made.

Complete history of your assets

Once all the parameters have been set and the changes in value recorded, you you will have an instant display of the complete journal with all the values of your depreciable assets.

You have a instant and clear summary of every asset of your business.