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Manage a double entry accounting and the securities, get instantly Balance sheet, Income Statement and portfolio reporting. Banana Accounting Plus is a highly versatile accounting software, very similar to Excel, it offers functionalities that are not present in the classic accounting software.

In the Transactions you can specify the securities you have purchased or sold, and enter the quantity and price. You get an easy to use, uniform management of your accounting and securities portfolio, and you have all the typical reports of a professional double-entry accounting, as well as the one regarding to your securities.

Transactions Table in Banana Accounting Plus

Balance Sheets & Income Statements

With fully customisable accounting plan and presentation, you can manage any kind of business, financial corporations, foundations, non-profit organization or private fortune. Get instantly Balance sheet, Income statements and all the other double entry reports ready for auditing.

Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet presentation

Portfolio reporting

With the Portfolio management extension you can instantly get report on your current holding, with quantity and purchase prices, gains and other fundamentals portfolio data.

Portfolio report in Banana Accounting Plus

Privacy first

With Banana Accounting you decide where to save your data. Unlike solutions that save the data on cloud, you can keep the accounting file on your computer or on your network, or share with others by using your preferred cloud solution (Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc).

Get started for Free

You can start using Banana Accounting without any need to register your email or give us any personal data.
Create for free your accounting file starting from a template, customize your accounting plan and reports and enter up to 70 transactions.

You can try Banana Accounting by:

Double entry accounting templates with portfolio setup

Professional double entry accounting in a single currency you set at the beginning.

Multi-Currency templates with portfolio setup

It allows you to manage account and securities in any currency.

Ready-to-use templates and functionalities

Easily starts with the predefined templates and tutorials that are already setup for the Portfolio manager or any other of more than 1000 templates.

Furthermore, with Banana Accounting Plus you can do much more, such as creating your financial forecast, managing customers and suppliers, or keeping the accounting and reports in the languages you want. Discover all the features.

Buy a subscription plan

When you are satisfied you can purchase the Advanced Plan (which allows you to have Portfolio reports) and can continue to work on your file and enter as many transactions as you need.

View Plans of Banana Plus

Swiss financial expertise

Banana Accounting is a full tested software solution with more than 30 years of experiences and used in more than 180 nations. It is a preferred accounting software in Switzerland for small companies, associations, private and financial professionals.

Being very versatile and flexible, it is also a preferred modern tools for learning and practicing accounting in accounting schools all over the world.


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