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Banana Accounting 9 software, with its simplicity of use, will offer you all that is needed to easily manage your accounting. It will allow you to set up your Transactions Journal as well as your Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss statements, your VAT Reports and all the fiscal printouts to comply with regulations that apply in your jurisdiction.

It is ideal for SME's and non-profit organizations: companies, fiduciaries, freelancers, merchants and shopkeepers, associations, foundations, clubs, trustees, condominiums, parishes, libraries, schools and family accounts.


Easy setup of your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss account

It is very easy to create your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss account, with all the details that you require.

You may activate/deactivate multiple options in order to present your data, they way you wish; you have a choice between the different available fonts, colors, etc. Check out the result in Preview.

New feature. You can print your documents by including your own proper logo.

An attachment can be included when printing your Balance Sheet.




Keep your Transactions Journal in perfect order

The Transactions table is in fact your journal.

It is clearly organized and can be printed directly or saved in a PDF format.
You can also print specific periods or selected rows only; you can also select and change the columns display.

You can also use colors, both in the text and row background, in order to highlight some entries and quickly find your data.

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Easily prepare your VAT reporting according to the new 2018 rates

When selecting one of the VAT templates for your nation, all the rates applying to your nation will be displayed.

All calculations related to VAT are automatic.

New feature. For Switzerland, new rates applicable as per 01.01.2018 are available in the program. The facsimile for the Swiss Tax report - effective method or the flat tax rate method have been updated for the new rates.

Should you require specific tax rates, they can always be adjusted in the VAT Code table.

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Stay in control of your accounts at any time

While you are recording your transactions, the balances of your accounts are updating automatically and you will always have a global view of your activity available.

You can check the details of each individual account card.

You may add or cancel accounts, alter the descriptions, create subgroups for the various totals, even during the accounting period.

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Stay in control of your paid or unpaid invoices

You can easily manage your Clients and Suppliers.

You will be able to know, at any time, if you have expired or still unpaid invoices.

You can also have the historic detail for each client or supplier.

In the opening balances, you can go back to the invoices that determine the amounts.




Generate the invoices to be sent to your customers

New feature. The possibility to generate invoices to customers was very in demand.

Our innovative solution allows for simultaneous recording of transactions and accounting, while generating an invoice.

Enter your elements to be invoiced, as if they were transactions to be recorded and the program will automatically generate your invoice.

Various templates for invoices are available; all of them can be personalized and some of them can include your own logo.

Check out all the invoice templates


Check and verify your accounting at any time

Any errors are reported automatically.
You can also make extensive controls.

If there are any accounting differences or if there are differences in the opening balances, there is a command to automatically find them in the Accounts or Transactions table.

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Create a simulation of your accounting

A simulation of the transactions that are forecasted for the year, can be input using existing accounts, available in the Plan of Accounts.

The program will generate a projection of the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Account, according to your input.

This will help you to follow up your cash positions and to make decisions about strategies to adopt.



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Create countless reports, even by period

Reporting possibilities are endless.

Choose the columns to display, change headers, change colors.

You can also create external reports with the groupings you want.

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Manage projects, sectors or particular activities

Using Segments and Cost centers, Banana Accounting allows you to manage specific activities or project in a detailed and precise way, without changing the structure of your chart of accounts.

You will be able to know, in each moment, how a certain project is going and you can print out detailed reports.






Be immediately operational

New feature. The new Banana Accounting 9 interface- in a very targeted way - will allow you to choose the template that best suits your needs.
You will be able choose from more than 500 templates, divided by country, language, category and file type.

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Use it like Excel, without worrying about the formulas

The graphic design is very similar to Excel, but you are at advantage of not having to enter formulas!!
You can copy, cut, paste and correct data at any time.

As you enter data, the totals for all tables update automatically.

On the basis of the data entered, Banana immediately creates the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, the VAT Reports and many other reports.

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Save time when entering your Transactions

Text autocomplete

When entering transactions, as you write the first letters or digits the program will automatically suggest you texts previously used.

You then just need to select the chosen option and the program will automatically fill the other row cells. 


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Save recurring Transactions

You can select your recurring transactions and save them in the Recurring transactions table; you can then automatically recall them when needed.

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Import data from e-banking and credit card statements

You can import your e-banking transactions or your credit card transactions directly into your Banana file, with no need of manually writing them.

New feature. New formats to import external files

We now have import filters for all major banks and institutions, and they are constantly updated. If your bank doesn't appear in the list of the available filters, we can create one for you.

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Manage your accounts in foreign currencies


You can have as many accounts in foreign currencies as you need, and enter your exchange rates in the Exchange rates table. You can also keep an history log of your exchange rates.

Exchange rate calculations and exchange rate differences are all done automatically.

You can have your Balance sheet, your Profit and Loss statements and several reports in a second currency as well.

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Graphs are integrated in the program

New feature. You can now generate graphs directly in Banana accounting. By selecting an account or group, it is possible to display a chart in the information window at the bottom. The graph will allow you to immediately see the evolution of your situation, and even allow a comparison between your forecast and your actual figures.


Track your working hours

New feature. There is a new utility that allows you to manage a calendar for counting working hours. The application is useful for both the employee, who has an easy-to-use tool to keep her/his working hours up to date, as well as for the employer, who has instant access to useful information for the calculation of salaries (such as overtime to be billed).

The function also allows for monthly reports, with indication of ordinary hours worked, carry over of extra time of the previous month, holidays taken and to be taken.


Register of depreciable assets

New feature. In the Tools section it is possible to set up a Register of depreciable assets. There are different types of amortization available.
The journal lists all the depreciable assets, with their initial value, new investments, the divestments and the residual value.

Depreciation records are calculated and transacted automatically at the end of the year.







Save your print settings

It is easy to set up personalized print layouts
You can save the settings of the various prints via the Composition function and, if necessary, print the one that suits without having to repeat the settings.

You can create Composition function for the balance sheet, the Profit and Loss account, account cards, extract and sort lines, addresses and labels ....






Select the language of your convenience


The program is available in several languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Chinese.

You can change the program language at any time.

Each file can be created in a different language; in our template section on our website, you can choose files in different languages.

In order to change the language of an existing file you need to convert it into a new file choosing the desired language.

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Manage the Accounts of all your Clients


Banana Accounting has no limits on mandates.

You can manage an unlimited number of mandates, each one with its personal settings: language, currency, VAT management...







Specific Apps per Nation

New. Banana Apps are applications that allow you to obtain specific printouts or reports from the Banana program; some Apps are already available for free, you just need to download them!

You can also create your own Apps in order to have very specific report presentation, as to comply with specific local law requirements, such as for example the Swiss "fiduciaries", or specific association's needs, or to comply with norms of a specific nation.

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New Add-in for Excel 2016

The add-in allows you to create customized accounting reports by retrieving data from Banana.

Create reports using your accounting data, set the worksheet, enter charts, formulas and formatting.

Add new transactions and keep your spreadsheet up to date with just one click.



Export data via various formats

With Banana Accounting you can export data in various formats: Html, Excel, Xml, Txt.

Export can be performed on a data selection or for the whole accounting file.

You can also decide to export only specific rows.

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Develop your customized Apps

If you need special printout, reports or some specific outputs, please contact us: we are available to create custom applications.

Submit your ideas!


Protect your file with a password

Each file can be password protected.

The password can be changed or deleted anytime.

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Protecting the rows from altering of already registered data

In order to work more at ease, you can protect the rows that are already definitive in your file, to avoid tampering or accidental changes.

Protected rows can be unprotected.

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Lock your Transactions via digital registration to prevent tampering

You can lock all or just some transactions; thanks to the digital certification, you can be certain that they haven't been changed.

You can also just protect your transactions to prevent accidental tampering.

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Integrity and certification of data via blockchain

The integrity of the accounting data is guaranteed
by a state-of-the-art certification system (US Patent No. 7,020,640), the same used by electronic coins such as the bitcoin.

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Store your file in PDF format (or just parts of it)

You can save all your file in PDF format or choose what parts of it to print.

You can store the entire file in PDF, allowing you to always guarantee your data integrity.

Many options are available.

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Automatic backup

The program automatically saves, at a frequency in minutes that you can define, in a backup file.

If the program or the computer crashes, you can retrieve the data by opening this file.

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Compatibility and sharing


Compatible with previous versions

Banana Accounting 9 maintains the same usage patterns and compatibility with previous versions.

Files created with previous versions can be opened and all data is fully kept.


For all operating systems

Banana Accounting 9 is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS. Banana files are interchangeable between different versions.

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Cloud sharing

Banana files can be saved on all Cloud systems: Dropbox, I-Cloud, Google Drive, ... so that you can access your accounting data anytime, anywhere.


Send your Banana files by email

Each Banana file can be sent by email, shared, saved on a USB stick, and so on.

There is also a handy command from the File menu that automatically creates an e-mail message with your attached Banana file, ready to be sent.







360 degrees support


Online documentation

More than 500 pages of free online documentation, divided by topic, with step-by-step images and explanations.

Direct link to the error

Any error is immediately reported.
Alongside the error there is a symbol ? with direct link to the error explanation page and its solution.

Free support

Support by phone or email is free for 12 months from the date of purchase and for topics related to the use of the program.

Technical Advanced Support

Technical support and custom solutions development (Apps).

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Support page



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