Banana Time Sheet is the best in China

Fri, 10/30/2020 - 09:00

In a well-known Chinese website, the Banana Time Sheet has been compared by a user with other software for the management and recording of working hours. The result? It has been elected the best software for those who work with flexible hours!

The comparison was made by comparing 8 software, each with its own characteristics and strengths. The Banana software was highlighted because it is ideal for general employees who have flexible working hours and need to record their working hours and vacation days.
As well described in the full Chinese article, the Banana Time Sheet is very easy to use, keeps track of worked hours, vacations and automatically calculates the accumulated working time and the remaining vacation days. At the end of the month it is also possible to print a complete and detailed monthly statement, that show the exact total number of hours worked, those to be recovered or recovered, holidays taken and to be used, overtime and sick leave, with the utmost transparency and precision.

Companies in Europe and in many countries of the world, in order to protect their employees, are required by law to establish a daily working time tracking system, complete with absences and holidays. The Banana Accounting Plus Time Sheet allows data collection that meets the legal requirements, in line with those of the European Court.

The Time Sheet is a permanent and 100% FREE application included in the Banana Accounting Plus software, no matter you choose the Free plan, Professional plan or Advanced plan. So just download now and let your friends, colleagues or family benefit from it too!

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