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In addition to entrepreneurial spirit, attentive and careful planning will be very important during the initial stages of setting up a successful Startup. Initial planning is mainly based on financial resources made available, in particular liquidity, which is fundamental for evaluating investment possibilities and future solvency.

It is not always easy to plan and have reports projected over several years, generally one get involved with Excel  and may get lost in formulas and complicated settings, with the possible inconvenience that, by skipping some formula, the results may become questionable.

Banana Accounting you may safely plan in detail and generate projected reports with little effort, even for the long run. You can easily create simulations of multiple scenarios, by simply changing the values ​​for your income and expenses, the reports will then be updated automatically. If you have a loan, you are able to evaluate how much interest will accrue over the years and plan repayment fees.

You will be able to determinate how much sales volume you will have to achieve in order for proceeds to cover all expenses and starting to generate profits.

With its innovative functions, Banana Accounting will help you establish all the necessary accounting documents: Journal, Accounting, VAT, Budget, Income Statement and other Reports, which can be compared with previous periods. You are also able to compare the final data with the budgeted ones and determine the differences.

To give you an idea on how Banana will be able to help you and facilitate this phase, we have created a video that explains the essential steps of financial and economic planning.

Are you ready to plan the success of your Startup?

Download the free version of Banana accounting and start now! You can register up to 70 lines in the Recordings table and up to 20 lines in the Quote table and try out all the features.

If you are convinced that Banana accounting is the right software for you, proceed to register - keeping the data already input - by purchasing the license key and inserting it into the program.




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