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Budgeting is recognized as one of the most effective ways to gain control of your financial situation and reduce the anxiety that it can produce. There are several tools that facilitate this task, such as Excel spreadsheets, mobile apps. All are useful, but in complex situations, such as when you find yourself in financial difficulty, they often show their limitations. You will use up time editing spreadsheets and entering formulas rather than attending to your more important commitments.

The Banana Accounting Cash manager application, on the other hand, is much more performing, because it is based on the double-entry accounting method. It is simple to use, but it also allows you to have detailed, comprehensive and accurate forecasts, which you can rely on, even in complicated situations. This entirely free of charge and easy-to-use tool will be at your disposal, inclusive of the most modern and sophisticated financial planning tools, such as used by businesses.

Reduce anxiety

It is widely documented that excessive indebtedness and financial constraints can cause a state of great concern. The continuous tension has negative repercussions in many areas, diminishes the ability to make decisions, causes health problems and problems with others. The article Poverty isn’t a lack of character. It’s a lack of cash, summarizes several of the studies that demonstrate that financial peace of mind also improves children's academic achievements, for instance.

Anxiety related to uncertainty about one's financial future, can be kept under control thanks to detailed planning. Realistic forecasts reassure you because you will be able focus on problems and avoid having to deal with an incalculable future and apparently full of dangers.

Banana Accounting's Cash Manager financial planning system, allows you to predict how liquidity will evolve over the weeks, months and years to come. You can deal with problems well in advance and have time to address them with the necessary objectivity, professionalism and therefore, with less anguish.

Banana Accounting's forecasting system allows for easy updating of your planning. The future very rarely presents itself as one imagines; situations develop continuously and not always in an improving way. A new revenue may occur or a payment deferred and you will have the updated forecast accessible in an instant. Unforeseen events are easily managed and are no longer perceived as events that potentially disrupt one's life.

With Banana Accounting's Cash Manager, anybody can prepare detailed and comprehensive budgeting. Getting out of debt takes time, but having accurate planning offers you instant benefits, because decreasing tension increases energy and mental clarity. You are thus able to better address the important issues, reduce conflicts and seize opportunities for growth and financial improvement that you did not see before.

Is the program really free of charge?

If you don't know us, you may be wondering why we offer a program free of charge and wether it really is. This is a fully justified question, which we consider useful to clarify immediately, before you decide to continue investing time with us.

The Cash manager is an application that our company has been making available for years in the version of Banana Accounting, that can be downloaded from our website. The free offer will be continued into the future as this approach to the market is a pillar of our philosophy. Income and Expense Accounting, Double-Entry as well as Multi-Currency Accounting and other productivity applications are available against the payment of a fee.

The Cash manager is an easy and very powerful tool, which allows you to have an accurate planning and control of liquidity. For the management of private accounts it is the best compromise, between immediacy of use and results. Except in cases where you need to go beyond cash management and keep comprehensive accounts, the free offer will be largely sufficient.

By using the Cash Manager, you will learn how to use the Plan-Execute-Control methodology, used professionally in the field of project management, by companies and organizations of all kinds and sizes. Being able to prepare a comprehensive financial planning will be an important training enrichment for you and will be useful in your work, or if you have to manage an association or are active in a public entity.

We are very happy to help people to enjoy a more relaxed life. Offering people the tools to grow, offers the most interesting investment to us, from an economic point of view. We have repeatedly found that people, after having experienced how easily accurate planning can be achieved and what important benefits it brings, become promoters for it's use in other areas.

Start your own financial planning

If you are a motivated person and know how to use a computer, we believe that you will have no particular problems with Banana Accounting's Cash Manager.

  • Download and install Banana Accounting on your computer or tablet.
  • Create your file via the New File command. Select the Cash Manager template, use the Family Budget and Household Accounts template.
    You will find a comprehensive list of Income and Expense categories with which to classify transactions.
  • To enter the budget data proceed as shown in:
    • The video tutorial on
    • The tutorial page with explanations.

Entering the budget transactions will not pose any particular problems and will be done rapidly, thanks to the possibility to use the repeat function. You enter all recurring income and expenses in one row. Even assigning categories will not prove difficult for you. If you are uncertain or make mistakes however, do not worry because you can rectify at any time.

The part that will take the longest is collecting data to understand and quantify future events. Past payments and bank statements will serve as a basis for determining future expenses. The more accurate the planning, the more useful it will prove. Depending on your financial situation, you will need to decide on the level of detail to enter for expenses. You can initially enter total amounts for certain daily, weekly and monthly expenses. Over time you can be more precise by indicating the actual expenses.

It is probable that you will already own very useful forecasts after a few hours of work. Normally this is only the beginning and in the following days and weeks, other events will spring to mind. The goal is to own a detailed forecast for the twelve months of the year. The Cash Manager is truly within everyone's reach, because repetitive operations are easily remembered and fit on a single row. You must therefore focus on less frequent or possibly unexpected expenses; you will begin to use the functions of the reporting and analysis program, to better understand where your money is going. It is equally useful to keep an eye on the evolution of liquidity, and this is where the Cash manager will make the difference compared to all the other tools, because it shows you how the revenues and expenses of the next days, weeks and months will be projected. You will be able to see if a series of expenses accumulate in a single period, giving you time to think about a remedy. By using the planning data, you will feel the need to fine-tune it, you will understand if certain expenses must be indicated with precision or whether an estimate will be is sufficient.

Over time your forecast will become more accurate and you will see that the data collection work will offer you a clearer view of the situation. You will understand which expenses will be incurred and which you will have to try to avoid or contain. You will discover things you did not expect. This way you will understand that the Cash Manager is a very useful tool, but above all you will learn to acquire useful knowledge about your financial situation.

Get help and useful advice

You might need to seek advice from qualified people such as financial consultants, real estate, marriage, lawyers, accountants and notaries, when confronted with a particularly complicated situation. It maybe happened to you to consult a professional in the past and not being able to receive the help you expected.

With a detailed financial plan, it will be easier for you to focus on the problem and target the right people. The people you contact, when presented with an overview on the future of your finances, will understand your needs more easily and will be able to give you comprehensive and targeted advice.

Their approach towards you will also change, they will understand that you are a prepared, determined and reliable person and will therefore be more scrupulous and careful in analyzing your situation.

Thanks to this increased credibility and clear vision of the future, it will be easier for you to obtain financial support, restructure your debts and negotiate more favourable terms. The willingness to defer payment deadlines and credits depends on the risk factor which increases when there is no information about the future and decreases when there are accurate and reliable repayment forecasts.

Improve decisions

The difficulty of how to cope with debt most often results from situations in life related to job loss, illness, separation and various unexpected events. Sometimes decisions made on the basis of unknown or wrong elements also play a role. You can't predict everything, but a financial plan greatly increases your ability to improve your decision making.

Owning a comprehensive financial plan, you can easily run a simulation to understand what the consequences of certain decisions would be. What could be an interesting business for someone, for another person, in a different financial situation, could turn out to be a failure. Interesting offers may not be such. If you have a family or partner, decisions must be made and carried out by mutual agreement. Arguments often arise and it can also happen that you miss out on interesting opportunities. Having a financial plan available, better yet, preparing it together with the people you share your life with, helps you live in better harmony and achieve better results. It can happen to anyone to get caught up in emotional situations.

Collect and import real data

The Cash manager, like the other Banana Accounting applications, implements the Plan-Execute-Control methodology. In the same file you are able to enter the transactions relating to the actual outputs, using the same method of recording and the same categories. It is also possible to import the transactions from a bank statement, greatly reducing the work load of keeping accounts.

The ability to manage forecast and real data at the same time is a great advantage, because you immediately see the differences between what is forecasted and what is displayed in the final balance; you will notice in time if the situation is evolving as per the plan you have forecasted. Real data also allows you to make accurate analyzes of the reasons for a certain spending overrun. Sometimes the problem is generated elsewhere. With accurate information, it will be easier to discuss and find a way to prevent the situation from occurring again in the future.

Easily updated forecasts

To prepare a forecast, a lot of information must be collected, analyzed and evaluated. At the end of the planning process, the most important information will be clear to you, without having to consult the plan.

However, situations evolve. The detection of real data will allow you to understand if the forecast was accurate. Banana Accounting's forecasting system, based on transactions, however, makes adaptation much easier. When salaries increase, rent or ancillary expenses change, just adapt the relevant item. If there is new income or expense, add a new row, if an expense or income item will no longer exist, just delete the row. When you create the new year, the program reports the forecast data automatically.

If you are planning a major change, such as retirement, buying a house, moving for work reasons, or children start their studies, you can create a copy of the file and run a simulation without interfering with the present one.

Use what you have learned in other areas

The Plan-Execute-Control methodology is recognized as the best approach to manage complex situations. It allows you to cope with evolutions and constantly improve effectiveness. The methodology is widely used in all professional fields to manage projects, companies and organizations of all kinds and sizes.

The Cash manager adopts this methodology and allows you to plan, retrieve data about the execution and control the evolution. This information is the basis for further improving planning and execution.

Once you have learned how to best use technological tools and how they are useful to improve effectiveness, it becomes natural to apply this effective methodology to other areas. Exercise and the experience gained in being able to overcome complicated financial situations, becomes a value that could be useful in other contexts. In one's professional activity, whether as an employee or as an independent, the ability to prepare estimates can become a decisive element for one's success. The same is also true in the associative field, where the needs are many and the means available limited.

This exercise can prove useful for relatives or friends. The experience gained can be useful in helping others to better manage their means in times of financial difficulty.


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