Addresses and Contacts

Make the most of your Contact lists

Smarten up the way you manage your connections. With Banana Accounting you’ll be ready to organize hundreds of contacts and keep them in perfect sync.

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Manage your contacts and addresses with maximum flexibiliy:

  • Freely define fields
  • Split contacts into groups for greater convenience
  • Simplified and free format label printing
  • Copy / paste addresses from other programs (Excel and Word)
  • Google contacts synchronization

Maximum flexibility

Banana Accounting takes out the hard work of handling your Contacts or Addresses. Within seconds, you can define fields, split contacts into groups for greater convenience, print/export all or only the ones you choose, set labels formatting or copy / paste addresses from other programs (Excel and Word). All fully integrated and skilfully organized in one place.

Synch your Google contacts with Banana

Import contacts straight from your Android phone into your Banana file! Once the sync is completed, you have absolute freedom to manage or polish contact details as you wish. Delete, edit, add and re-sync as often as you have to. Take control over your business network, one contact at a time.

Address labels at your fingertips

The best bit about using Banana Accounting to organize your contacts is that you can also create address labels. Simply select your label printing settings and save them as a Composition. In just a few seconds, you can extract and sort the addresses you need to print. Many formats are available, always customizable.

Go ahead. Give it a go!

Download the software, create your own accounting file and try out everything! By purchasing the license key, you can lift the 70 entries limitation, and all your work will be kept. 

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