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The Transactions table of the Fixed assed register contains the information that will change the historical value, accounting value or fiscal value or an asset.
You can enter transactons for amortisation, depreciations or revaluations.

With the Create amortisation rows from the Utilities1 menu, the program calculates amortisation values based on the set parameters and creates the transaction rows. The calculated value can be adjusted manually, if necessary.

This is the table where you enter the items variations. It has several columns:

  • Date
    The transaction date
  • Transaction Type Id
    The transactions type, identical to the one in the Transaction table.
  • Transaction Type Description*
    The description from the Items table is displayed.
  • Item Id
    The Item Id.
  • Items Description*
    The items description from the Items table is displayed.
  • Notes
    An additional note concerning the transaction.
  • Purchase Variation
    The item (+/-) variation compared to the purchase or sale.
  • Historical Variation
    The Item (+/-) variation compared to a item revaluation or write-down.
  • Book Variation
    The item (+/-) variation value compared to the book variation.
    This is particularly used for negative amortisations
  • Fiscal Variation
    This is the fiscal variation amount.
  • Amortisation Type Id
    The amortisation type code as shown in the Items table.
  • Amortisation Type Description
    The amortisation code descriptions as per the Items table.
  • Amortisation Percentage
    The amortisation percentage applied.
  • Account
    The Assets account where the operation must be registered
  • Contra Account
    Contra account (for example the amortisation account) where the operation must be registered.
  • Archive Date and Archive notes
    Columns you might use if you need to archive the item.

This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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