Managing different projects

With the Segments feature, it is possible to manage different projects, obtaining balance sheets that determine the profit or the loss of each project. 

In an association, there are two projects that need to be managed:

  1. Courses
  2. Events

On top of that, there are different branch offices with the same projects to be managed:

  • Rome
  • Milan

The user wishes to obtain a balance sheet which indicates the profit or the loss of each project and branch office. 


How to proceed:

  • Insert the segments at the end of the chart of accounts

  • Enter the transactions, and complete the debit and the credit accounts with the segments
    Segments can be registered either with the colon (:) or with the minus sign (-).
    If you want to enter segments with a minus sign in front of the segment code, you must activate the option 'Use minus sign (-) as segments separator, in the File menu, File properties (basic data) command, 'Options' tab.

  • From the Account1 menu, activate the Enhanced balance sheet with groups command
  • Select the available configurations in the different tabs; in the Sections tab in particular, deactivate the display of the Balance sheet accounts, the Client/Suppliers accounts and the Cost centers. The segments usually refer to the accounts of the Profit & Loss statement.

  • In the Subdivision tab, activate the Subdivision by segment option
  • Select the segment for which the balance sheet should be obtained (by project or by branch office)

  • Click on the OK button in order to display the report

Report by projects



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