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Adds functionalities to your file. Also see Add new functionalites.

Add upper and lower case in account numbers and codes

The program normally converts account numbers to Uppercase.
When Uppercase/Lowercase is enabled, account numbers are not converted to Uppercase. Accounts in Uppercase/Lowercase are useful when the account number also serves as a description.
When entering account numbers in the Transactions table, the program will revert toUpper or Lowercase, as specified in the Chart of Accounts.
Using this option will require you to pay attention to case sensitivity, as the the "Cash" account, with first letter in Uppercase, will be different to "cash" account in Lowercase. 

Add Items table

Revert to information available on Items table page.

Add Items columns in the Transactions table 

Revert to information available on Items columns in Transactions table page.

Add Address columns in the Accounts table

For accounting files.

This function adds the columns that allow the insertion of client addresses, suppliers, members or others.

To add this function, proceed as follows:

  • Click on Tools in the menu.
  • Select the Add new functionalities ... command.
  • Select Add Items Columns in Accounts table (If the options does not display in the list, it means it has already been activated).

The following will be added in the Accounts table:

  • Address view where added columns will be displayed.
  • The columns that allow you to enter address data and other information.
    • In order to display one or several columns, also in other views, use the Columns setup ... command in the Data menu.
    • In order to create different views, with specific columns, use the Tables setup command in the Data menu.


Add and remove the Budget table

This function enables the use of the Budget function, by adding the Budget tab to the Transactions table, where transactions relating to financial planning can be registered. 

For more information see Budget table.

Modify the VAT amount type in the Transactions table

For accounting files with VAT.

This function enables the modification of the Amount type column (VAT Amount type) in the Transactions table. 

The column allows you to enter one of the following VAT amount types, where applicable: 

0 (empty cell), inclusive of VAT
1 = VAT excluded, exclusive of VAT
2 = VAT amount, the registration amount is considered to be 100%.
For each registration, the program automatically enters the default data in the VAT Code table in the Amount Type column (relative to each code). If, occasionally, the Amount type changes for a VAT code, you may enter 1 or 2 manually.


There are incompatibilities of VAT data with previous versions when using this feature, as that did not have this functionality.


This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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