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The Add new functionalities command is in the Tools menu. ff

The available option may differ according to the file type.

Add a new simple table

It allows you to add tables completely manage by the user.
Once is added, the table cannot be removed anymore.

You need to indicate the table's name.

The table will have two predefined columns:

  • Id column - to indicate a selection group
  • Description column - to enter a text

Inside the table you can add new columns with the Columns setup command from the Data menu.

New Documents table

Information are available at the Documents Table page.

Add addresses columns in the Accounts table

For accounting files.

This functions allows you to add, in the Accounts table, specific columns to enter clients, suppliers, or members addresses.

The program will add in the Accounts table the following items:

  • the Addresses view, where the addes columns are visible
  • the columns that allow you to enter addresses data and other information
    • In order to make one or more of these columns visible also in other views, you need to use the Columns setup command from the Data menu.
    • In order to create views with specific columns, you need to use the Tables setup command from the Data menu.


Add Budget table

For accounting files.

This function adds a Budget table, where you can enter budget transactions.
The program will do the following operations:

  • Add the budget table, that will show the budget data indicated in the Accounts table (if present)
  • Lock the budget column in the Accounts table
    From now on, the amounts contained in this column, will be calculated based on the budget transactions and on the period defined in the File and accounting properties.

More information are available at the Budget page.


Edit the VAT Amount type column in the transactions

For accounting files with VAT management.

This function allows you to edit the Amount type (VAT amount type) in the Transactions table.

This column allows you to enter, for each transactions, when it is necessary, one of the following VAT amount types:

0 (or empty cell) -  it means VAT included (with VAT/taxes)
1 = VAT excluded - it means VAT excluded (without VAT/taxes)
2 = Tax amount - the transaction amount is considered 100% VAT/taxes amount
For each transaction, the programs automatically fills in the data as setup in the VAT Codes table (for each code). If however, exceptionally, this needs to be changed, you can manually enter 1 or 2 in the Amount type column.


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