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The Extract and sort rows command is available from the Data menu. This command is different from the Sort rows command, since it creates a new table where the result of the extraction or the sort is shown. The rows of the original table will not be changed.


In the Extract table you can click on the row number (underlined) to return to the row of the original table.

You need to select the column you wish to extract the data from.

You need to select the condition for the extraction (ex. Greater, less, contains text, starts with, ends with, ...)

In this field you must enter the text you want to use as comparison in relation to the condition (for example, if the condition is = Equal, entering 25.01.2015 as value, the program will extract all transactions with date January 25, 2015).
The value is a date if the selected column was Date, a numeric value if the selected field was Amount, a text if the selected columns was Description.

This button allows you to add new fields for the extraction.

Clear all
This button allows you to clear all the settings you have entered for the extraction.

Sort selected rows only
This option is only available when rows have been pre-selected. If activated, only the selected rows will be sorted.

Total row
If this option is activated, the program will show the total row for the extracted rows with an amount.


The sorting columns are being indicated. The options are the same as for the Sort rows command.


The explanations of this window are available on the following web page: Composition.

Example accounts list

It happens sometimes that you want to have a list with only the accounts.

  • Put yourself in the Accounts table.
  • Impart the "Extract and Sort" command
  • In column, choose "Account"
  • Under condition, indicate "Not empty"

In case you wish to have accounts sorted by description

  • Put yourself on the "Sort" section
  • In the "Sort by" box, indicate the "Description" column

If you want to display only certain columns, you can create a new view with the Tables setup command.





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