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In the new Banana Accounting Plus version, in the Accounts table, new columns have been added in order to allow you to enter more information about your customers and, new features automatically resume the data in the Invoicing. Moreover, you will find a new and in-depth documentation to work in a very professional way:

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Suppliers sub-menu

The features, present in the Suppliers sub-menu (from the Account2 menu), allow you to obtain the following lists: 


Logic for checking Suppliers' invoices

In order for the program to be able to prepare the lists of received invoices:

  • In the Invoice column of the Transactions table, indicate the invoice number.
  • In the Debit or Credit column of the Transactions table, indicate the account number of the Supplier

Also, before entering the transactions:

  • In the Chart of accounts, Supplier accounts and/or groups need to be created
  • If desired, address columns can be added
  • In the Suppliers set up, indicate the Suppliers group or the general Suppliers account.

You also need to choose if, in the Chart of accounts, you need to have:

  • An account for each Supplier.
    This is necessary when the list of invoices needs to be presented separately by supplier.
    In this case, a row needs to be created for the Suppliers and each supplier account refers to this group in the GR column (see hereunder).
  • One single account in which all the Suppliers are contained
    The list of the open, expired invoices will be for all the Suppliers together and not per each individual Supplier.



  • Reports are based on the account currency balances; possible exchange rate differences will not be taken into account.
  • The reports Description column will reproduce the first row description for each invoice.
  • For the accounting files based ont cash received you can setup a suppliers register with the Cost Centers.


Detailed explanations

Setting up Suppliers accounts

  • Setting up the register
  • Activating the address columns (optional)
  • Setting up the suppliers' settings

Entering transactions

  • Displaying the Invoice column in the Transactions table
  • Entering the invoice that is being issued
  • Entering a payment
  • Entering a credit note
  • The Extract invoice rows and Open invoice link commands

Reports and printouts

  • Displaying the open invoices
  • Displaying the expired invoices
  • Displaying the Invoices received from Suppliers

Automatic autocomplete

Example file

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