Extract rows

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All rows
All rows of the active table will be extracted.

Filter by value
When this option is activated, the rows are being extracted according to the selected column, the condition and the inserted value.

The column, that contains the rows to be extracted, is being selected.

This list contains all the conditions needed in order to select the rows to extract: = equal to, < less than, > greater than, <> different, <= less or equal, >= greater or equal, contains text, does not contain the text, blank, not blank.

In this field, insert text to be compared to the condition. For example, the condition is (=) equal to, and the user inserts as comparison value  03.01.2012, the program will extract all entries made on January 3th 2012.
The text is a date if the field selected is a Date, a numerical value if the field is an Amount, a word if the field is a Description.

Match case
If this box is activated, the program will make a distinction between capital letters and small letters.

Invert result
If this option is activated, the program will select rows using the opposite of the criteria desired in the condition field. For example, if selecting, as a condition, all the rows with a date > 01/03/2012 and activating the Invert result cell, the program will extract all the rows with a date <= 01/03/2012.

Selected rows
Only the selected rows will be extracted.