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In the Transaction Type table there are values that define the type of operation.
The most used type is the "35 Depreciation".
Transactions types must not need to be changed.

Assets register Transactions type table


  • Id
    The transaction type code
    These codes are fixed and must not be modified.
    If you change the Id number the program will not operate correctly anymore.
    • 01    Initial value. Used to enter an initial value, instead of entering the initial value in the Items table
    • 11    Purchase or production
    • 15    Sale or value reduction.
    • 21    Revaluation
    • 25    Devaluation
    • 31    Inverse amortization
    • 35    Amortisation
    • 36    Supplementary amortization
    • 41    Fiscal value increase
    • 45    Fiscal value reduction
  • Description
    The code explanation

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