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This documentation relates to Banana version 9.0.4 and later
Download Banana 9 at

Download and install the tranlsation package

  1. The translation package contains
    • QtLinquist
    • The Banana Accounting texts to be translated
    • The QtLibrary text (only few to translate)
  2. In order to access the texts to be translated you have to download the following file: - (
    last update: 14 january 2016
  3. Once you downloaded the file, double click on it in order to extract its content - once the process is finished you will have a new directory on your Desktop:
    ban80_translations directory, with the following content:
    • "win_start_linguist.cmd" file - to launch under Windows the software QtLinguist used to translate banana accounting
    • "mac_start_linguist.cmd" file - to launch under Mac the software QtLinguist used to translate banana accounting
    • "win_compile_translations.cmd" file - to compile under Windows the translations in a binary form readable by banana accounting
    • "mac_compile_translations.cmd" file - to compile under Mac the translations in a binary form readable by banana accounting
    • "output" directory - once you run "compile_translations.cmd", it contains the compiled translations
    • "src/translations" directory - contains the Banana Accounting files with the texts to be translated
    • "win_bin", "mac_bin" and "qtrsrc" directories - contain various files


Is a software tool that allow to insert the translated text. 

Before opening the QtLinguist sofware we advise you to read the QtLinquist guide for translators

Start QtLinuist and open the translation file :

  • Launch the QtLinguist software with a double on the file "start_linguist.cmd"
  • Open the translation file src/translations/ban8000_xxx.ts (where xxx stand for the abbreviation of your language)

QtLinquist Interface

You will face a screenshot similar to this one:


Translate the texts

  • You need to translate the missing text and mark every finished text with a green check mark (you will find it  Qt-linguist-doneandnext.png   in the toolbar) until all texts will be marked with either one of these symbols: Qt-linguist-check-on.png  or Qt-linguist-check-warning.png .
  • We advise you to start with the more general texts, this means leaving for later texts starting with a Dlg (dialog) or Tab symbol - for example "CDate"
  • You won't be able to change the English texts - if you find any mistake in English you will have to ask us to correct it.
  • If you want to have a comparison with other languages, you just need to open the corresponding *.ts files.
  • If it is not Se non è chiaro come tradurre un termine leggere le indicazioni dello sviluppatore
  • f you need further information from us in order to translate a specific texts, there is a field called "Translator notes" where you can enter your comments.
    Start with the words: "TODO:" this is just a code so later on we will be able to trace and easily extract all your comments.

Special texts  and charachters

  • You will find %1, %2, %3  within the text.
    The symbol %1 will be replaced by the program by the appropriate value (account number, date, file name, etc.).
    If there is a %1, %2, %*  this should also be present in the translation in the appropriate place. 
  • Banana Accounting columns name an table names.
    For example "ReportWithMovements;With mov.;with movements"
    • The text is separated by the semicolumn ";"
    • First part is the field name, in the translated text
      • No space or special charachters
      • Camel case (first charachter of the word is Capital)
    • Second part is the column header. Should possible fit on the columns with.
    • Thirt part is the full description, it is displayed as a tooltip when you go with the mouse on the column header.

QtLibrary translation files

  • This are the text of the library file. They contains many text but we do need only to translate a fews.
  • This texts are in ban80_translations/src/translations/qt_xx.ts file,
  • You need to translate it in the same way as the other, and we actually advise you to start from this one. Attention: in the qt_xx.ts file not all the texts are to be translated, but only those that have a green check mark Qt-linguist-check-on.png  in the Italian file qt_it.ts (which you will have to open for comparison).

Do not translate

  • It is not necessary to translate the following texts: ResocontoIvaCh*, ReportIvaItalia*I

After the translation

Send the translation back to us:
Once you finish your translation work:

  • Send us as an attachement the *.ts files of your languages, this means the file ban8000_xxx.ts and the file qt_xx.ts if you have it in your language.
  • Once you have send us the files back do not translate any more text.
    Wait until we will make the next version of the translations files available.

How to get your translation text in Banana Accounting software

You can verify how your translation look in the Banana accounting software - here is how to proceed:

  • Check that you have the latest version of Banana Accounting.
    Get in touch with with Banana Tecnictian to know if the latest version is available.
  • Double click on the file compile_translations.cmd
  • Copy all the files output/*.qm in the Lang folder of the Banana software (usually the location is C:\Program files\Banana90\Lang or , C:\Program files\BananaExpm90\Lang, but it could vary depending on where you have installed Banana 9)
  • Restart Banana 9 and select your language from the Option command (Tools menu)
  • If some text does not display at the correct place it is due to different software version (can happen with experimental version)

Tools and links for translators 

Microsoft Language portal - it contains all Microsoft translation

KDE Qt Translations - suggestion on how to translate the qt_xx.ts texts

Bing Translator - this is an online translator that you can rely on to translate complete sentences if you have not found a suitable solution with the previous links. Please note that technical and specific terms might not always be translated correctly.


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