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    Financial management statements for construction projects extension [BETA]


    Easily keep the costs of your project under control, from the estimate phase, assignments and payments. See if the costs are in line with the estimates and avoid overruns and surprises. Classification of data by cost category and by companies. It is used like Excel, making it ideal for architects, engineers, surveyors and contractors. Complete with key financial statements offering very sophisticated project management programs.

    Start by downloading the Financial management for construction projects template, build your accounting and use the extension to control and compare the costs of your project. Generate the report by choosing in the dialog the columns to show, in this way you will have only the data that really interest you.

    ▶ Video: Construction projects management.

    How it works

    Easily manage all financial aspects of a construction project. Everything is already set up, you can easily adapt it to the individual project and enter the data.

    1. For each construction project you shall create an accounting file.
      • Start with the preset template in the software, with accounts and categories already set up.
      • You can also open the tutorial template, with examples.
      • You can manage as many projects as you like.
    2. Estimate Budget.
      The development phase of the project where it is important to have an overall view of the costs.
      • In the Categories table enter the Estimate Budget. You can edit, add expense items and also groupings.
      • You have an overview of the overall costs of the project.
      • If you want you can add more columns to manage more variants.
    3. Assingments.
      You have chosen the project and now it's time to start with the request for offers and assignments to companies.
      • In the Accounts table, enter a row with the relative cost center for each company.
      • In the Budget table enter the approved amounts, indicating the category of expenditure and the company.
      • You have the report with the total of the budgeted values, the approved values and the deviations from the budget.  You know in advance if you will be able to avoid overruns on the budget.
    4. Actual expenses.
      Companies send requests of advance payment and invoices.
      • In the Transactions table, enter the amounts have been paid.
      • You have the report with the total amount paid by category and by company. See the deviations from the approved and budgeted amounts. You immediately notice if there are overruns, for a type of work or company.

    The main advantages

    • It is used like Excel.
    • Easy to use, it is based on income and expense accounting, which everyone knows.
    • Financial situation of the construction project always up-to-date.
    • Covers all phases of the project, from budgeting to assignments and payments.
    • It manages both the expenses and the income (inputs of own funds, contributions, and other).
    • You notice immediately, at each stage, if there are any overruns.
    • Complete reports.
      • By expense/income category
      • By company
      • Estimate budget.
      • Assignments Amounts
      • Amounts actually paid (advance payments and invoices).
      • Deviation, indicating in color whether there are increases or savings.
    • Collect documents.
      When you enter an assignment or a payment you can also link the transactions to the digital document. Easy to make verifications because you can open attachments with a simple click.
    • Bank account movements. Payment account statement.
    • Data reuse for further reporting.

    Requirements for using the extension

    To use it, it is necessary to download and install Banana Accounting Plus with the Advanced plan.

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