Learn how to create a professional financial plan for a Startup with a double entry accounting method. Quickly get detailed cash, balance sheet and profit and loss forecasts for the days, months and years to come. Modify the plan at any time and instantly see the updated forecasts.
See examples and play with Javascript formulas and quantities for of interest calculation, revenue projections, depreciation and more.
It shows how to use formula to calculate interest and amortization schedule.
Create your family or personal budget to manage your Household accounts and save money, using this simple template suitable for anyone with Income & Expense accounting.
Highly customizable and programmable invoice layout to create custom prints.
Timesheet Extension that allows you to create and print detailed monthly reports day by day.
Template of .ac2 file for printing library code books - print books spine labels and and print book inside cover labels with return date.
The BananaApp (developed following the specifications provided by the Swiss Red Cross association) creates a transaction voucher report for the given doc number, with details of the selected transaction and other information.
Template file in .ac2 format for a library management, with automatic loading of books data from the Internet with the ISBN code.

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