The Banana Accounting+ documentation is also in PDF format

News • 09/03/2021 •
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The new PDF manual containing all the online documentation of Banana Accounting Plus is now freely available on our website. You can download and print it to have it always with you!


Usefulness of the PDF Manual

Due to the various requests of many users who are using Banana Accounting Plus, we have made this new manual available in PDF format, which allows an easy navigation thanks to the clickable structure of the bookmarks. In this way it's quick to find the information you need. The PDF manual is ideal if:

  • for personal reasons you want to print out sections of the documentation and have them as a paper copy;
  • you need to consult the documentation in a place or at a time when you don't have access to the Internet;
  • you want to have the complete documentation in a unique file and find the information more easily.

Don't you have Banana Accounting Plus yet?

The customers who are using the new Banana Accounting Plus version are very satisfied! Their feedback and suggestions have allowed us to fix small details and make further improvements. We have made the new version available so that you can work faster.