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News • 14/03/2023 •
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Find and edit accounting transactions very quickly thanks to the new Temporary Filter & Sort features! You can try them as a preview now in the Dev Channel version of Banana Accounting Plus.


These features are very useful when you have many accounting transactions and you need to search for one or a few of them, that you would like to check or edit. They are still under development and we would appreciate you testing them and giving us your feedback so that we can improve or fine-tune them.

The Temporary Filter & Sort features are only available in the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus

The temporary Filter feature

The temporary Filter is available in all tables (Accounts, Transactions, ...) and to use it, you simply need to type your key words in it.
See the documentation on how to use the Temporary Filter & Sort features.


The Temporary Filter saves you a considerable amount of time because:

  • You find the transactions you want within seconds.
  • You can directly edit filtered transactions.


The Temporary Filter allows you to:

  • Search for a text, an amount or a value in any column.
  • Enter several words in the filter to narrow down the search and make it more efficient.
    (Example: search for the Bank's transactions of Rent and Electricity expenses)
  • Directly edit filtered transactions.

Filter function in Banana
The colour green is only used to explain the image, it doesn't appear in the software.

The temporary Sort feature

The Temporary Sort feature is included within the Filter.
It is different from the "Sort rows" functionality already available in Banana, because it is only applied as a "temporary display", without permanently changing the table's rows order.


  • You quickly sort the data according to your own criteria.
  • When you remove the sort criteria, you automatically return to the row's original order.


  • You can Sort the rows, in ascending or descending mode, according to the column you want.
  • Unlike Excel, when you remove the filter, you return to the original order of the rows without having to undo the operation.

Sort function in Banana

Sorted column in Banana
An arrow will appear in the header of the column chosen to sort the data.

Always faster with the Advanced plan

Don't miss the opportunity to gain precious time! Switch to the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus and enjoy a more efficient and faster way to work. It is the preferred plan for those who update their accounting regularly, precisely because it speeds up the work and reduces mistakes.

Do you already know the other super feature of the Advanced plan? Check out the Rules for the auto-completion of imported transactions.