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Over 30% of small companies still use Excel to do simple accounting. Banana Accounting software is an optimal compromise solution between Excel and accounting softwares, because they take from both the most useful and suitable features for accounting. They don't replace Excel, but they enhance and complement it.

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Easy, fast and secure data entering

Banana Accounting has the typical Excel interface, which allows you to enter data very quickly and makes the work very intuitive. The user doesn't have to make any complicated setup. The big advantage compared to Excel is that Banana Accounting is ready to use, with the formulas already integrated.  When you create a new file you have the table for entering the chart of accounts, for entering the accounting and forecasting transactions, with all the columns already configured.

It is also possible to import bank or credit card transactions, also linking them to digital receipts.
You can modify and cancel transactions at any time. When you have finished and verified the transactions you have the possibility to protect the movements with the blockchain, so that the accounting data complies with regulations.

Financial forecasting and accounting

Banana Accounting allows you to manage financial forecasts (generally made with Excel) and accounting (generally made with accounting softwares). Having "all in one", the management is simpler, faster and you have a more effective control of your business.

Instant results

Banana Accounting is made up of several tables, already linked together. This synergy allows, when entering data, to have automatically the updated results. For example, when you enter transactions, in the Accounts table you can immediately see the new actual or forecast balances. The instant results allow you to have everything under control at any times and to take effective decisions about your financial situation.

Comprehensive and professional reports

Banana Accounting automatically provide several professional accounting reports with accounting data, forecast data or both together. They include for example the balance sheet, income statement, journal, account cards, liquidity plan, invoices and VAT statements.


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