Mandatory Time Sheet, make no mistake !

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 17:25

Free Banana 9 Time Sheet, tailor made to record your flexible working hours!
All companies must record employes' working hours. On May 14 2019, the European court of justice decreed that "Member States should require employers to establish an objective, reliable and accessible system for measuring the daily working time of each worker." Find more in the, Frankfurter Allgemeine (DE) and Il Sole 24Ore (IT).

Banana has exactly what you need, for free and in compliance with the legal requirements.
Creating a Time Sheet is a matter of minutes; as soon as you start using it you will enjoy the extremely fast data input and the ready to use printable reports.
Modifying it is just as easy as in Excel, but all the formulas and calculations are pre-configured, therefore mistakes are practically excluded.

Start today, download the Banana Accounting 9 Free Version (if you don't have it yet) and open our Systematic 2019 Time Sheet template.

The Banana Accounting 9 Free Version with the Time Sheet application can be used anytime, anywhere: desktop, laptop, tablet (Android) and mobile phone (Android/iOS).