News: VAT Switzerland / Create new year

Mon, 05/07/2018 - 15:19

These information pages are available to create the new accounting year and update the initial balances:

Update of Swiss VAT Codes

By beginning of 2018, new VAT codes become applicable in Switzerland.
If you keep VAT accounts in Switzerland, it is strongly recommended for you to update to the new Banana Accounting 9 version, specifically prepared for changes in Switzerland. Version 9 allows you to:

  • Transfer to the new 2018 VAT rates.
  • Prepare the forms for the Effective method or Flat tax rate method reports  for the 4th quarter 2017 and those of 2018.
    Previous versions of the program, allow you to update the VAT Codes table of your accounting, but the new facsimiles of VAT statements to report are not available.

Set off to a good start thanks to Banana 9

Discover the principal news for Banana 9 and how to Update.