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The Accounting Report is a file type in which the presentation of a report is being set up, indicating the way in which the accounts are being grouped.

Thereafter, the Accounting report can be executed through the commands of the accounting:

The grouping system, created in this manner, can be linked to the accounting to extract and totalize the accounts.

There are two ways of doing this:

  • Grouping based on the indicated groups
    This manner is useful when one wants to group the accounts according to different criteria, for example, present the Balance sheet and the Profit/Loss statement according to a grouping system that is different than the one set up in the Accounts table.
    • In the Report, the grouping system is being created.
    • For each account of the Accounts table in the accounting, in the GR1 column (or another column), indicate the group in which the account has to be grouped.
    • When the Report is being executed, all the accounts that are marked with groups in the report file are being carried forward.
  • Grouping based on the indicated accounts
    This manner is useful when one doesn't want a report with all the accounts but with only a few selected accounts.
    • In the Report, indicate the accounts of the Accounts table from the Accounting file that should be included.
    • When the Report is being executed, only the indicated accounts are being carried forward.


How to create an Accounting report file

In order to create an Accounting report file: i

  • File menu, New ->
  • Double-entry accounting -> Accounting Report
  • It is possible to choose an existing model or get started with a new one
  • Once created, save the file under a new name.

The columns of the Accounting report

The Accounting report file includes the same columns as those in the Chart of accounts of the accountiung file. They make it possible to create the groupings and the totals.

This column is being used to indicate the value that is to be used in the presentation.
For the different possibilities, see the documentation about the Sections.

The group in which the accounts of the accounting have to be totalized or a group of the report.

Account (only visible in the Complete view)
The account that has to be included in the report.

  • If there are accounts, when the report is executed only those indicated will be carried forward.
  • In case no account has been indicated, the accounts that have been linked through a group will be carried forward.

Description for the grouping or of the row itself.

In the Gr column, one indicates the total in which the row has to be totalized.

If the word "Yes" is being entered, only the Total row is being displayed and not the accounts that are a part of this total.
Please look at 'Show groups' totals only' in the Accounting report.

Usually, the totalization rows that have accounts with balances are included in the report.
If you indicate "Yes" in this column, the row is in any case always displayed. This can be applied to both the totals and to the accounts.

With mov.
This applies to groups that have a zero balance.
The row will only be displayed if there have been transactions (movements) during the time period.

Creating a Report linked through the group

  • In the Report, create a system of groups and subgroups as desired.
  • In the Accounts table one indicates, in the Gr1 or Gr2 column, the group in which the account has to be totalized.
    In case the Gr1 column (or another preferred one) is not visible, make it visible with the Columns setup command.
  • The accounts that are not being linked will not be included in the Report.
  • Execute the Report through the commands:

Creating a report that groups only some selected accounts of the accounting

This modality is active even when in the report only one account has been indicated.
Do not indicate any account, if you wish that the report is being executed in the group modality.

In the report are being indicated:

  • The accounts of the accounting that have to grouped together.
    Only the indicated accounts will be included in the report.
  • The groups in which the accounts have to be grouped together.

Execute the Report using the commands:

  • Enhanced balance sheet with groups from the Account1 menu (then Chart of accounts -> Sections -> External accounting report)
  • Accounting report from the Account1 menu (then choose the Base section and the External accounting report option).

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